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Nightlife - Bars, Clubs, Lounges & Live Music

From hip lounges to rowdy sport bars and from a thriving indie music scene to arena filling music concerts, Omaha has vibrant nightlife that will seduce even the most staid homebodies out for a good time. Here’s a guide to Omaha’s best clubs, pubs, bars, lounges and live music venues.

Articles about Omaha Nightlife

Shake your groove thang (photo courtesy of Alec Vanderboom) Top 10 don'ts of clubbing
How to Behave in a Club. After a recent evening at a local dance joint, I suggest the world of clubbing would be a happier place if we all agreed 10 key points.
The 49'r Lounge in Dundee So Long 49’r Lounge
The 49'r Lounge was a neighborhood dive bar, but over the years, the beers, and the friendships, it came to mean a lot more to some people. Now it is gone. Thoughts on the passing of a bar in the context of a life, and a place to share some memories.
A Zombikini sighting Omaha Zombie Walk 2010
The Third Annual Omaha Zombie Walk was a huge success, as hundreds upon hundreds of zombies took over downtown Benson. The unique event is family friendly and a photographer's dream: zombies of all ages posed, shuffled, and searched for—what else?—...
Daniel Higgs performing Purifying the CalmDome through Art and Music
The CalmDome was part of the Bemis Center's Hopey Changey exhibit. The Purification of the CalmDome was a unique concert and interactive art happening designed to see it off, with performances by the Chiara String Quartet, Ember Schrag, and Daniel...
DJ Brent Crampton of loom loom Weaves Omaha
Loom: a hand-operated or power-driven apparatus for weaving fabrics. Or loom: one of Omaha's most respected dance parties. With the recent White Party, and the upcoming loom Weaves the Joslyn Sculpture Garden, we talked with loom's DJ Brent...
Ben Kweller playing at the 2010 MAHA Festival My Day at MAHA #2
A blog entry from another MAHA Music Festival ticket winner, Debbie Sailors. Read Debbie's thoughts on the ride up from Lincoln, the packed MAHA lineup, and her favorite new Omaha band.
I concert goer with a t-shirt reading, "I Could Be Illegal" Bright Eyes, Cursive Rock the Concert for Equality
The Concert for Equality was the most important concert in Omaha this summer, a mix of music and politics in reaction to the Fremont illegal immigrant law. Bright Eyes, Cursive, a reformed Desaparecidos, and more performed at the sold out Benson show.
Olivia and Casey pose in front of the debut cover Sights and Sounds from the Omaha Fashion Magazine Launch Party
Models and photographers go together like Carrie and Manolo Blahniks—they were made for each other. See who was to be seen at the Nomad Lounge launch party for Omaha Fashion Magazine and hear people's thoughts on the new publication.
The Old 97s at The Taste of Dallas MAHA Festival Bands Link Love
Announcing the winners to our final MAHA Contest (might be more than you think!) and share all the wonderful links they entered. It's your one stop to learn about the 2010 MAHA Festival bands!
The hostess of the Sailor Jerry event passing out drink tokens at the Slow Down Free Ink, Free Drinks, Sailor Jerry at Filmstreams
Famous tattoo artist Sailor Jerry lived in Hawaii when it was a place for seamen to get "Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed." A FREE screening of the documentary about his life—with free drinks and an after party—helped the crowd get at least one...

Reviews of Recent Events

Recently awesome events around town. Read more reviews…or write your own if you dare!

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Barbeque Flavored Comedy Barbeque Flavored Comedy
Mojo's Jokehouse starts this Thursday.
Good One Good One
Tig Notaro's new record fully display's her unique style.
Rhythm Rhythm
An All Vinyl Deep House Retrospect
Green Is Good. And Gourmet, Too. Green Is Good. And Gourmet, Too.
A local foodie reviews a local restaurant serving local food