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Omaha Zombie Walk 2010

The undead take over Benson
Omaha Zombie Walk 2010
Published on October 25, 2010

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Benson came alive Saturday, October 23—alive with the undead. The Omaha Zombie Walk returned for its third annual installment, easily surpassing the attendance set by the previous two years.

While its unclear if zombies can feel the cold, the human spectators appreciated the perfect late October weather, and many turned out to spectate, if not to participate. The zombies themselves began congregating as early as mid afternoon to have makeup applied at a conveniently located (and fairly priced) makeup station.

Doing the Zombie ShuffleDoing the Zombie ShuffleBy the time dusk began to hang on the horizon like mist clinging to the gravestones of a B horror film, many of the zombies had begun to get into character, arms outstretched, feet shuffling, eyes vacant. The hundreds of undead then shuffled down the Zombie Walk 2010 route, which stretched from the parking lot on the corner of Maple and 63rd Streets as far as 52nd Street (though many tired zombies opted to take a shortcut, looping back over  the footbridge by 56th Street).

From babies to adults, there was a cheerful spirit in the air, with zombies chasing after cars down Maple Street, cracking jokes ("You know those cigerettes will kill you, right?" "I’m not worried about it, I’m already dead!"), and shamelessly mugging for the many cameras present.

Perhaps the spirit of the evening was best summed up when one of the event organizers got on the bullhorn to announce the guidelines at the beginning of the Zombie Walk Omaha. As he spoke to the crowd, somehow, they all knew how to respond:Kids make great Zombies!Kids make great Zombies!

Organizer: We’ll walk from the parking lot, down Northwest Radial, and loop back at 52nd street.
Hundreds of zombies in unison: Brains!
Organizer: Stay out of the streets and try not to get blood on any public property.
Hundreds of zombies in unison: Brains!
Organizer: Try to stay off your cell phones.
Hundreds of zombies in unison: Brains!
Organizer: And remember, what do all zombies want?
Hundreds of zombies in unison
: Brains!!!

Benson, perhaps Omaha’s funkiest and tightest knit neighborhood, once again staked its claim as the ideal venue for unique Omaha events. As the party continued on into the evening at the Waiting Room, the Halloween season had officially begun.

Did you attend the Zombie Walk? What’d you think of the event?

Do you have photos or videos from the Zombie Walk? Post a link below! 

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