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Green Is Good. And Gourmet, Too.

A local foodie reviews a local restaurant serving local food
Green Is Good. And Gourmet, Too.
Published on February 13, 2011

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Ever wonder where the greenest restaurant in the United States is? As luck would have it, it’s right here in good ol’ Omaha, Nebraska: The Grey Plume. As a newly opened restaurant with a "farm-to-table" ethos, it got my attention. I just had to go, and last week I finally went with my friend Trevor to try out some green goodies.

When first entering the place, you’ll notice that it’s not the biggest restaurant in terms of floor space. If you’re planning on eating here on a weekend, I would suggest making a reservation. The Grey Plume may be small now, but they are definitely looking into expanding in the near future. And after experiencing the food, I can see this place getting very popular very quick.

The Grey Plume
220 S. 31st Ave Suite 3101
Omaha, NE
(402) 763-4447

Price range: 
Appetizers: $7 to $15
Entrees: $21 to $28
Wines, mostly: $35 to $60
Beers: $5 to $15
See current menu for details

Mon - Sat: 11 to 10
Sun: 12 to 4

Reservations: Recommended. Online reservations via Open Table. rating: 
(highly recommended)

If you go, I would encourage you to ask the management to briefly tell you a bit about the history of the restaurant and some of the cool facts about it. Everything in this place has a story to it. From the reclaimed wood floor (pulled from an old barn) to the bread plates (made of old wine bottles), everything TGP does has a green initiative. The atmosphere of the place is amazing—it’s such a cute little place that you can’t help but feel happy while you’re there.

After just a few minutes in the dining room, I could already tell that the staff took great pride in their presentation. The bread, for example, was brought out in single slices per person. (I imagine when you are "the greenest restaurant in America," you try not to waste anything—including the food you serve to customers.) The butter came in a little glass container. All beautifully presented, and delicious too.

For the main course I ordered the Amish Rouen duck, and just looking at it I knew my taste buds were in for a pleasurable trip. The duck was cooked to perfection, served with parsnip, farro, apple, and maitake mushrooms. The parsnip complemented the duck nicely, as did the farro. As for the duck itself, it had a nice juicy texture, with just a little bit of chew to it. Just phenomenal flavor. 

Chef/Owner Clayton Chapman preparing a dishChef/Owner Clayton Chapman preparing a dishAll the food here is fresh, and I mean fresh. TGP prides itself on "farm-to-table" food. In the kitchen, you won’t find a humongous freezer and fridge—as you would in a typical restaurant—because the proprietors insist on bringing you the freshest stuff possible. Have a look at TGP’s online menu to check for seasonal updates. 

For dessert, we ordered mandarin orange sorbet. At $2 a scoop, it’s a must—refreshing, smooth, and citrusy enough to taste the orange it came from. (Later, the check arrived along with a sweet surprise: chocolate covered biscotti. A nice touch.) 

I highly recommend TGP. Whether it’s for a date or if you just want to have dinner with someone you know who enjoys fine dining, you must give this place a try. If you don’t, you are missing out on a fine (and for sure, local) Omaha experience.

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