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For travelers who want to experience nature, Omaha has the nationally famous Henry Doorly Zoo, which is a home of "Kingdoms of the Night," the world largest indoor swamp, "Desert Dome," the world's largest indoor desert, and "Lied Jungle," the world's largest indoor rain forest. The zoo covers an estimate of 130 acres of land giving shelter to more than 17,000 animals and 1000 species.

Omaha also has a lot of museums featuring the region's art and history, one of which is the Joslyn Art Museum that exhibits the works of renowned artists of the 20th century like El Greco, Monet, Degas, and Renoir. There is also the the Strategic Air and Space Museum which presents U.S. airplane evolution. Another famous museum is The Durham Western Heritage Museum which is the best art deco in the country. There is the Union Pacific Museum which presents visitors the story and success of the Union Pacific Railroad and its importance in U.S. westward expansion.

Before leaving the city travelers ultimately have to visit the Old Market and take home some memories of Omaha. The Old Market is a a large shopping district that offers high-end clothing, furniture, electronics, home decors and souvenir shops, together with a colorful strip of fine dining restaurants, pubs and bars.

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