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MAHA Festival Bands Link Love

Cool Websites, Interviews + Videos of MAHA Festival Bands
The Old 97s at The Taste of Dallas
Published on July 23, 2010

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For our final MAHA Ticket Contest, we asked our Facebook fans to submit links to any band performing at the show. Wow, we received a ton of links! Consider this your 2010 MAHA Festival University. Class is now in session!

We’d like to congratulate Liz Irvine on winning two tickets to MAHA for her lucky Ben Kweller link! But wait…we’re feeling extra generous today. We’re going to give out two more pairs of tickets – one set to Debbie Sailors and one to Mitch Allen. Debbie and Mitch were studious contestants having entered the most times…and we’re all about positive reinforcement. Enjoy guys!

As an added bonus, Debbie has promised to write a "My Day at MAHA" blog entry. Check back after the festival to read Debbie’s article. Sweet!

Take a look at all these great links and get to know the 2010 MAHA Festival bands. We’ll start with the locals and move on to the touring acts farther down the page.


Betsy Wells

It’s True

Satchel Grande

Voodoo Method

The Mynabirds


Ben Kweller

The Faint

The FaintThe Faint

Old 97’s




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