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Good One

Tig Notaro's new record fully display's her unique style.
Good One
Published on August 14, 2011

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Tig Notaro is a busy woman. She has been seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Late Show, The Benson Interruption, and has her own Comedy Central half an hour special. She hosts her own podcast (Professor Blast-off) on the Earwolf Comedy podcast network, does countless festivals and is often a guest on other podcasts. She recently released her first record, “Good One”, on Secretly Canadian Records. Comedy nerds may already be familiar with her but few others are.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tig’s style it is hard to describe. It is not boisterous or over the top, it is not a character of any sort…she relies on no gimmicks, only jokes. She lays out her jokes in such a calm and deliberate manner that the listener has no choice but to examine the absurdity of the subject matter being presented. Many times after the joke is told she deconstructs her own jokes mining material within her own punch lines creating a meta-commentary throughout the record. She is not a comedian that does anything outside of the ordinary when it comes to subject matter the presentation of her set but she does have a pretty distinct manner. She is one of the more popular Alternative comedians to come out of LA, but her set would do just as well in a more mainstream venue like a Funny Bone or other comedy club chain.

Good One” puts Tig’s style on full display as she uses it do impressions, tell stories, a few one liners and do a decent amount of crowd work. My favorite joke of hers’ is the impression of an impressionist, which escalates into a circle of impressions of impressions of impressions. But by far her most popular bit is the “no moleste” bit that revolves around a door sign in a Mexican hotel. To top it all off, the CD is ended by the audience singing happy birthday to her, twice.

I like this CD, and I think if you are a fan of dry observational comedy, then you should check it out as well. It is available on ITunes and probably other places. It’s pretty good.

Tig will be at The Sydney Lounge in Benson September 2nd. The show starts at 9pm and Mike Perry and Ian Douglas Terry of OK Party Comedy are opening up the show.

ZJPetersonZach is a stand-up comedian and a founding member of OK Party Comedy. He lives in Benson with his wife, his dog, and a poor excuse for a cat.

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