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Sights and Sounds from the Omaha Fashion Magazine Launch Party

The debut party at Nomad Lounge
Sights and Sounds from the Omaha Fashion Magazine Launch Party
Published on July 23, 2010

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After interviewing Rachel Richards, co-founder of Omaha Fashion Magazine, to learn about what to expect inside the magazine’s pages, it was time to see those pages come to life. Designers, photographers, models, hair and makeup professionals, friends of the magazine, and a sprinkling of journalistic types (basically models with notepads if you ask me) flocked to the Old Market’s Nomad Lounge Wednesday, July 21st for the launch of Omaha Fashion Magazine.

With drink specials lubricating an already friendly crowd, the Omaha fashion industry mingled as we roped in a few lucky souls in to share their thoughts on the new magazine. With Omaha Fashion Week little more than a month away, the night served to remind people of one of Omaha’s signature events, while getting them acquainted with the new fashionista in town: Omaha Fashion Magazine. The magazine is available for FREE at numerous hot spots across Omaha; we’ll expect big things from it in the years to come!

Here’s some video coverage from the event where we hear from Chrissy Fogerty, Sam Fischer, Chessna Fernald, Jill Krelle, Michael Ferris, and Ian Wilson.

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