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An All Vinyl Deep House Retrospect
Published on February 24, 2011

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The roots of House Music are alive and well in Omaha. Last weekend, The Side Door Lounge was location to a reunion of sorts. Three of Nebraska’s most renown vinyl DJ’s got back to the roots of how they started playing music. “Rhythm” was a night dedicated to the deeper sounds of house music from a yester-decade era. Selections on the night ranged from funk, disco, R&B, Soul to more contemporary house music with the recognizable ‘four on the floor’ beat. Amidst all the digital media, laptops and accolades of new technology pouring out, this raw selection from the vaults of treasured vinyl record collections was a real treat to Omahans.

Aesthetics at the Side Door Lounge were appealing, although it is a very small venue. Maneuverability around the lounge was not always easy, especially when it hit capacity. Otherwise, the drinks were strong, the bathrooms were clean, and the lights were carefully lit.

Included with this video from the evening is a rare interview with Brent Crampton, host of loom–Weaving Social Fabric Through Dance, from 2010. In the interview, Brent talks about how House Music began in Chicago in the 1980’s after the fall of disco. It is truly amazing that we can live in a community that still embraces house music culture. Stay up to date with upcoming loom and house music events at

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