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Local Writing

This is writing from local Omahans. It’s what they’re passionate about, and passion can be pretty infectious. We don’t want to get anyone sick here, but if you read a little, you might catch the bug, too. This is writing that will get off the couch and lead you on a Nebraska day trip. It will steer you away from fast food toward cheap, tasty, locally grown alternatives. From helping you to decide what movie to see on a Saturday night downtown, to helping you find a job on a Monday in midtown, this is Omaha: the stories, the people, the place.

Join the conversation with your comments. Or catch the bug and contact us about writing your own articles.

Regular Columns

According to Right Brain According to Right Brain

Ann Troe is a local graphic designer and illustrator. Each month she will draw you into her world with light humor and a little ‘food for thought’. Her focus is to share what is going on in her life and connect with you! This isn’t just a one way street. Leave your comments, suggestions, and stories to share with Ann. Two (three, four…) heads are better than one!

All Cracked Up All Cracked Up

All Cracked Up is about the humorous side of life, as seen through the eyes of wife, mother, and woman Vicky DeCoster. Each month, mixing wit and compassion, Vicky will find what’s funny about life in Omaha. Something cracking you up? Write to Vicky here.

An Ideal Life An Ideal Life

An Ideal Life by Christine Lind chronicles a personal journey to create and discover an ideal life right here in our hometown of Omaha. The premise of these articles is to highlight the many opportunities that are at our disposal to make “your own ideal life” the way you want to do it. I hope to offer inspiration to readers to take advantage of all that’s in our reach to live a deeper and richer life.

Art from the Heart Art from the Heart

Each month, writer Christa Hillmer will bring you the latest in Omaha’s arts and culture scene. Her column will feature local art and artists, as well as upcoming arts opportunities for the public. Have a suggestion for something Christa should cover? Write to her here.

Between Mind and Body Between Mind and Body

Join me/Jara each month as I/she navigates through the space between mind and body. We are passionate and emotional people and sometimes that means that we’re irrational, but at the root of ourselves, we are searching for a way to balance ourselves in this crazy world. From tips on how to get the best produce in Omaha to exercise recommendations, I/Jara will share little health tips that I have/she’s learned along the way.

Bookworm with a View Bookworm with a View

Mari Partyka is an avid bibliophile and accidental blogger. While managing an Omaha book club, she wrote a master lists of her favorite reads. Her annotations proved popular, and a blogger was born. Each month she will write about books, authors, and the literary community in Omaha. Her focus is to help fellow readers find thought (and discussion) provoking works of literature, both for private and public enjoyment. Want to know what book she has her nose buried in now? Ask her!

Come As You Are Come As You Are

From a very young age, Omaha’s (self-professed) “divebar critic”, Stephen Gates has never enjoyed getting dressed-up to hit the town. Not to say he doesn’t like nice places, he just hates the ones that seem overly stuffy and pretentious. His monthly column seeks out to find some of the best inexpensive out-of-the-way places in Omaha to eat, drink and be merry while still being treated like a million dollars…even if it looks like you just rolled out of bed.

Daytripper Daytripper

Each month, Jordy Clements, a head writer for, will write about the many great day trips available to residents and visitors of Omaha. The premise is simply to find fun, inexpensive entertainment that can be reached from Omaha in no more than a few hours. Have a suggestion for something that Jordy should cover? Write to him here.

Eight Laces Eight Laces

Nationally syndicated football analyst and recruiting guru Brandon Cavanaugh provides a unique insight for Omahans, tackling topics both on and off the field. Expect a roundup of what’s going on not only inside the city limits, but also at the state and national level. If you’re looking for news about Nebraska pigskin with a well-regarded knack for detail and amusing wit, huddle up and get ready to take a few snaps.

Funny Enough Funny Enough

After narrowly escaping corporate America, Rachael Osborn decided to explore the only-slightly-less lucrative worlds of stand-up and blogging. She writes about comedy, media, politics, nightlife and daylife.

Geeking Out Geeking Out

LeAnn Tiede concocts a little bit science, a little bit fantasy and horror and a whole lot of sci-fi. If you can imagine it showing up on Big Bang Theory, it might just be here.

Here & Elsewhere Here & Elsewhere

Here and Elsewhere is written by non-, former, and future Omahans. Even if it’s not home, Omaha is on people’s minds for one reason or another. What do these far-flung vicarious Omahans have to share with the real ones? Our guest contributors will take up the challenge.

In Polite Company In Polite Company

Brendan Wirth isn’t colorblind—he sees both blue and red just fine—but he prefers to explore politics’ effect on people more than the latest labels. Each month, he’ll interview local civic leaders, investigate the Omaha underbelly, and comment on the national political sphere.

Just a thought... Just a thought...

As a freelance copywriter and social media addict, Susan Baird isn’t shy about sharing her opinions: about communication, education, and any other issue that catches her attention. Agree or disagree, she’s always up for a great discussion, and her column will surely get people talking.

Lit and Life Lit and Life

Lisa Sheppard writes each month about books and all things book related—authors, publishers, events and Omaha’s literary community. Lisa is a book blogger and member of several book clubs.

Mompreneur Maven Mompreneur Maven

Paula Dodds is an Omaha-area work-at-home mom with three wonderful daughters and a very patient husband. Paula runs her household and her business, P.S. Dodds. She’ll be sharing tips, tricks and stories of mompreneurs. Know a local mompreneur? Have a question for Paula? Leave her a message here.

Nature Boy Nature Boy

Each month writer and conservationist Jeff Randall will bring you the eco-happenings from Omaha and the surrounding area. He’ll be providing ways to preserve and enjoy Nebraska’s great outdoors. Have a topic for Jeff to cover? Leave a message for him here.

Obscured by Sound Obscured by Sound

What’s a girl to do when she wants to be a rock star but has no musical talent? She writes! Each month, April Jones puts her finger on the pulse of Omaha music, interviewing area bands to national acts, and reviewing albums and shows. When not daydreaming about living a rock & roll lifestyle, April runs Raw Cloud Media, a music marketing/PR agency.

Omaha Serves Omaha Serves

Twice a month, Omaha Serves will spotlight a unique need, volunteer or agency within Omaha’s service community as well as provide information you need to know about volunteering. Omaha Serves is part of the Cities of Service initiative, a bipartisan coalition of U.S. mayors trying to encourage service as a way to meet the urgent needs of their communities.

Planning Around Nap Time Planning Around Nap Time

Omaha is a great place to raise a family - so many fun places to go! In her Planning Around Nap Time column, Kim Reiner sorts through all of the events out there and picks what she’s looking forward to checking out with her family. Every column ends with a list of some free or discounted activities you’ll want to check out.

Pug Life Pug Life

Jess Kamish is the president of Pug Partners of Nebraska, a non-profit that helps pugs in need. Each month, she’ll be drawing inspiration from her two pugs, Rocky and Lily, as she writes about issues related to dog care, rescue, and the uniquely endearing pug breed. A recent Bellevue University grad, Jess is’s first intern, and loves to hear about pet related stories and photos.

Sitting in the Dark Sitting in the Dark

Look to longtime performing arts critic David Williams to bring you all the news and reviews from local stages…theatre, dance, spoken word, opera, performance art and film. When not sitting in the dark, he’ll guide you through some of the more brightly lit spaces to shine the spotlight on the latest art openings and events.

The Accidental Theist The Accidental Theist

Each month, Beth Katz, an interfaith junkie and self-proclaimed spiritual dork, will explore issues connected to faith, religion, culture, interfaith relations, and everything in between. She’ll draw on her experiences as head of the Omaha-based Project Interfaith, but wants to hear how these issues affect YOU. Drop her a line.

The Career Coach The Career Coach

Vickie Seitner writes each month about employment related issues. She brings over 15 years of executive management experience to her column, in addition to 10 years in the stock brokerage industry, and five years in the not-for-profit sector. She is the CEO of Career Edge One, a career counseling firm, and holds a Master of Science degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Have a question you think she can answer? Write to her here.

The Dark Stuff The Dark Stuff

Dave Splash is a music junkie, but not in the Iggy Pop/Keith Richards sense. It’s just that music is what he likes, what he knows, and, most importantly, what he writes about. Dave will be covering the music scene in Omaha, from the national acts that put the city on the map, to whatever small band is the Next Great Hope. A former record label owner (think Puff Daddy, only bigger), he appears Sunday nights at 9pm on 89.7’s New Day Rising show. Didn’t like that band he loved? Tell him about it.

The Work in Our Bones The Work in Our Bones

In this 6-part series, Daphne Eck Coppock delves into the experiences of business women of Omaha who have mentored and inspired her. Their stories offer lessons for doing sustainable, life-giving work. They just may inspire you to find the work in your bones.

The Wuzzy Chronicles The Wuzzy Chronicles

Shawn Finch is a small animal veterinarian. She works at Banfield, The Pet Hospital of Papillion. Her family pets include Ebony the Lab Mix, Joy the Puppy, Noodle the Poodle, Max the Cat, Piggy the guinea pig, Princess Gerbil and Fuzzy and Wuzzy Rats.

What's Fresh? What's Fresh?

Want to learn about local resources for the foods you want to eat? Or maybe to gain some insight into what the “eat local” and “real foods” movements are all about? Each month, Christy Pooschke, and other local food advocates, will give you the inside scoop on what’s happening with fresh foods in Omaha and the surrounding area (she’ll even toss in a recipe from time to time!).

Your Workplace Your Workplace

Your Workplace is an informative monthly column about issues facing employees and their employers in the Omaha Community. As an experienced human resources executive, Kathleen Nicolini will discuss topics that employers and employees are facing and offer suggestions on how they can work together to be successful. As CEO of Favor Consulting LLC, she brings over 24 years of experience in all facets of human resources. Have a question you think she could answer? Write to her here.