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Fun for Kids!

Omaha is full of fun things to do with children. From the Omaha Zoo to the Children's Museum to Parks, Playgrounds and Play Spaces, Omaha is a great place for kids. Check back often for our latest kids guides.

Kids Guides

Omaha's Great Outdoors Omaha's Great Outdoors
Try out the Metro Arts & Culture Pass this May for lots of family-friendly activities around Omaha. They're offering half-price adult admission to Fontenelle Forest!
Peacock at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium Spring is finally here!
When it comes to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, my family doesn’t need a reason to visit. It’s Saturday ... let’s go to the zoo! The sky is blue ... let’s go to the zoo!
Lucky you ! Lucky you!
Lots of great family friendly events happening around Omaha this March. Check out Joslyn Art Museum's Family Fun Day - a FREE event offered by the museum!
Nature Connects - Bison February fun in Omaha
Kim Reiner helps us find Family Friendly Activities in Omaha this February. All of these family outings that are free, discounted or too fun to miss!
Toys or No Toys in Fast-Food Meals? : photo credit oddharmonic Toys or No Toys in Fast-Food Meals?
A bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature would ban fast-food toys unless restaurants can make their children's menus healthier. What's a parent to do? (Hint: Cook.)
Josh Age 8 The Beat Goes On: Life with a Fifteen-Year-Old Drummer
We tried to steer our son toward other instruments, but one look at him drumming away and it was clear: he had fallen in love. From one loud Christmas to a full time gig as parental roadies for the BluesEd group, this is what it's like raising a...
Omaha Creative Institute Artists Apply Within: No Previous Experience Required
Don't let the name fool you: the Omaha Creative Institute is for everyone, not just artists. With funding from Hot Shops, the Institute is a place for Omahans to stretch their creative minds in a relaxing environment. Summer classes start soon!
Large Yellow and Green Creature “Nails Ballman JR." by Amy Morin Hot Shops - the Hottest Art in Town!
How do you claim the title of HOTTEST art in town? A 2400°F glass blowing blast furnace is a good way to start! Hot Shops has much more, though, housing over 50 artists studios. Learn more about this unique Omaha attraction and their upcoming Open House!
Mahoney State Park Indoor Kids Area Five Ways to Sneak In Work with Kids Underfoot
Nothing like a long winter for an increase in family time! For moms that want to get a little work done while still watching the kids, here are five Omaha ideas—places to go, activities to do—that keep the little ones safe and occupied.