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Food and Dining

Sushi Joints, French Bistros, Taco Stands, Pizzerias, and of course Steak Houses - eating in Omaha is no joke and we take it seriously. Find the best in Omaha restaurants and specialty food markets!

Food Guides

Pasta Amore e Fantasia Pasta Amore e Fantasia
In this latest episode, the Marino Sisters visited Leo Fascianella, owner and executive chef of one of the city’s finest Italian restaurants, Pasta Amore e Fantasia.
An Ideal Spaghetti Sauce - Lo Sole Mio An Ideal Spaghetti Sauce - Lo Sole Mio
The Marino Sisters have completed their first culinary contest dining in one of Omaha’s finest Italian Restaurants, Lo Sole Mio!
An Ideal Spaghetti Sauce An Ideal Spaghetti Sauce
“There are two kinds of people in this world—Italians, and those who wanna be.” At least that’s how the saying goes, and obviously started by a very proud Italian!
Green Is Good. And Gourmet, Too. Green Is Good. And Gourmet, Too.
A hungry restaurant reviewer enters The Grey Plume and leaves charmed, satisfied, impressed, informed, and absolutely certain to return.
A bottle of Oberon Merlot at WineStyles - Shoppes at Aksarben Tasting Wine at the Least Intimidating Wine Store on Earth
WineStyles is a unique store in the often intimidating world of wine. Focused on matching people with inexpensive wine that they'll love, they are the perfect match for the upcoming Riverfront Wine Festival. Let the education!
Peanut Butter Cupcake Sailing to Cupcake Island
Raspberry Delight, Boston Crème, Peanut Butter Cup—Cupcake Island is out to turn sweets aficionados into full blown sugar addicts. One humorist tries to get from the store to a friend's without (ch)eating, only to end up in rather...awkward......
Baby Ruth - A dairy cow at Kvam Family Farm got (Local) milk?
Raw milk often appears in the news as lawmakers and nutritionists battle over its health benefits and safety. But what is it? What does pasteurized mean? Homogenized? Most importantly, where can you find it in Omaha? Interviews and info from six NE farms!
McFoster's Omelet Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Omaha
Vegetarian diets are more popular than ever, but simply foregoing meat does not a delicious lifestyle make. We picked the Top 5 Omaha Vegetarian Restaurants based on taste, affordability, and the quality of their ingredients.
Steaming Coffee Top 5 Coffee Shops in Omaha
Looking for the best coffee shop in Omaha? This Top 5 has independent coffee houses throughout the city, a drive-thru, and even some Honorable Mentions. We picked based on quality price, atmosphere, food, location, and extras. How'd we do?

Restaurant Reviews

La Buvette Dinner Entrée La Buvette
511 South 11th Street
Successful restaurants must strike a delicate balance: the house should contain enough seats that it always appears almost over-flowingly full. Add to this...
The Bohemian Cafe in Omaha, Nebraska Bohemian Cafe
1406 South 13th Street
It’s not uncommon to see a Three Brothers Pizza. It’s not even that uncommon to see a Five Brothers Deli. But you’re unlikely to see another...
Artwork at Aromas Coffeehouse in Omaha, Nebraska Aromas Coffeehouse
1033 Jones Street
If you are in the market for great coffee, fair prices, and pleasant ambiance, then Aromas is the place for you. The location is ideal for anyone out for...