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Bohemian Cafe

The Bohemian Cafe in Omaha, Nebraska
Neighborhood: Little Bohemia
Business Type: Restaurants
Whats the Scene? European
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(402) 342-9838


Sun-Thu: 11 to 9
Fri-Sat: 11 to 10


$$ = Moderate, $11 - $30


Special party rooms for conferences, wedding banquets and other gatherings.


Lunch, Dinner


It’s not uncommon to see a Three Brothers Pizza. It’s not even that uncommon to see a Five Brothers Deli. But you’re unlikely to see another 14 Kapoun’s Bohemian Café. It’s true, though, the Bohemian Café, an Omaha original serving authentic Czech cuisine since 1924, really does hold 14 members of the Kapoun family within its walls.

As you might expect from a fourth generation family restaurant, the food is traditional and the prices are reasonable. Unless you are very familiar with Czech food, however, there’s still a few menu items you’ve never had. All manner of Schnitzel, Goulash, and Sausage are on offer, as well as some slightly more familiar offerings, and, as the busy lunch and dinner crowds can attest, they’re doing something right at the Bohemian.

No one would ever confuse the dining or event rooms with the word modern, but their cleanly and inviting Eastern European kitsch seems to appeal to young businessmen and older locals alike. The portions are generous, and the bar always has a keg of Pilsner Urquell on tap. And if nothing else, you’ll always have a friendly Kapoun close by to chat with.

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Bohemian Cafe
1406 South 13th Street
Omaha, NE 68108

(402) 342-9838


Maria Shearon (not verified) says:

May 3, 2014 : 10 years 2 weeks ago

Maria Shearon's picture

I have a very important question for you - at least it is for me. Do you ship any of your food. My husband is originally from Omaha - grew up there. And grew up going to your restaurant and when we crossed the country he took me there and it brought back childhood memories of my Grandma Szalay’s cooking.

Well my husband is dying and his time is short. And all he talks about is a Bohemian meal before he dies. And honestly, he couldn’t even eat it that’s how sick he is. He got a recipe from his brother for pork, dumplings and red cabbage, his favorite. But I could not do it justice. So I was wondering, could you box up, dry ice up and ship a meal like that to me for him. Even if he can’t eat it, he’d see it and that would be a good last memory. If not, I understand perfectly.

Thank you for listening.

Maria Shearon; Clifford A. Shearon is my husband

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