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Videos from Omaha

Vickie Seitner on her career path
Vickie Seitner discusses her career path: working in a brokerage house (Charles Schwab), helping a non-profit with a merger, going back to college and getting her masters, and finally becoming a career coach.
Vickie Seitner interview Elevator Pitch
Vickie Seitner on how she came to Omaha
Vickie Seitner introduces herself as a career coach and says how she came to Omaha.
Vickie Seitner on hot jobs and the effects of the economic downturn
Vickie discusses hot jobs for young people, and the effect of the economic downturn on the job market, especially as it relates to career coaching.
Gabby loves the veggies she grows at school
Gabby, a 5th grader at Western Hills Elementary, explains what she loves most about the outdoor garden classroom at her school.
Farmer Jim and Some Jalapeños Farmer Jim and Some Jalapeños
Farmer Jim with some of the jalapeños he grows on the farm. He explains that at first, he thought the cracks in the jalapeño skin meant that the vegetable was damaged. He learned from some of his Latin American customers at the farmers market...
Team Olympia Gets Ready to Ride
One last equipment check before leaving the bikes in the pre-race area and heading off for the first Team Challenge.
Team Olympia Cycle Comes Into A Check Point
Team Olympia Cycle comes in for a nighttime checkpoint. Hear the roar that goes up from our fan club.
Pre-race Walk Around the Competition
Eying the other teams before the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race. Still a beautiful, sunny afternoon at this point.
Pre-race Lap Around the Competition
A quick bike ride around the competition before the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race began.
Postrace Interview with Stacey
Team Olympia Cycle member Stacey gives her thoughts on the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race, her first ever Adventure Race!
Beginning of the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race
The Team Challenge that begin the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race. Two of the three team members had to work together to move the water filled buckets up the hill. Then, the third team member had to haul it alone! Once complete, off to the bikes to begin the...
On the Boardwalk at Fontenelle Forest
Here’s a 360-degree view from one location on the Riverview Boardwalk, a 1-mile trail that is 100% wheelchair and stroller accessible in Omaha, Nebraska. This trail is a great way to enjoy the forest and its wildlife without having to commit to a full...
Nina Mote on her Omaha Favorites
Nina mentions her favorite places, restaurants and some interesting people in Omaha.
Nina Mote on Being Vegetarian in Omaha
Nina talks about the importance of Indian food to her and being a vegetarian in Omaha.
Nina Mote on Coming to America
Nina talks about coming to America from India in 1962
Nina Mote on Religious Tolerance in Omaha
Nina discusses her work and the work of the Hindu Temple in regards to religious tolerance.
Nina Mote on Omaha's Hindu Population
Nina talks about the Hindu population in the greater Omaha area.
Nina Mote on the History of Omaha's Hindu Temple
Nina tells the story of how 13 families founded Omaha’s Hindu Temple.
Nina Mote on Coming to Omaha
Nina tells her story of how she came to live in Omaha.