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Artists Apply Within: No Previous Experience Required

The Omaha Creative Institute, a place for Omahans to relax
Omaha Creative Institute
Published on April 27, 2010 : 2 comments

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Have you ever laid on your back on a beautiful day and watched the clouds? I bet you have done this. My daughter and I did last summer. We were jumping on her trampoline. Exhausted, we laid on our backs and watched the clouds. We saw a dragon shaped cloud float by. We can all do that—see shapes of things in the clouds. That is our creative mind at work. We can change our perceptions from cloud to dragon. Cool!

Work can be creative, too! I know you have all ‘looked off into space’ and had a little day dream about something other than the work in front of you. Maybe you got into a project and lost track of time—yep! YOU are a creative soul aren’t you!

Sock MonstersSock MonstersSo what’s my point? I want you to hop, skip, and type your way over to the Omaha Creative Institute. Did you get that? They are a new effort from Hot Shops Art Foundation, and they just want to give you more ways to be creative. I want to help them get the word out because that is the absolute best part about writing a column, helping folks.

My last article on the Hot Shops, gave Omaha Creative Institute a little mention. They are the people who set up the Sock Monster class my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed! She calls her sock monsters “Messy Monsters.” Then if they are not sewn perfectly, who cares! I don’t sew and I made a couple. I am more of a hot glue girl.

Omaha Creative Intitute Wants You!

Omaha Creative Institute wants YOU, Mr. Home Maker, and YOU, Mrs. Executive, and even YOU, Average Student. They have a wide range of classes because they want to appeal to everyone that DOESN’T label themselves creative, artistic, musical, etc. Don’t worry, you can sign up for a class even if you consider yourself creative.

Summer Classes

Be a blacksmith!Be a blacksmith!Here is a taste of what’s coming this Summer. The exciting new workshops include Native American Flute with talented musician Michael Murphy, poetry and performance classes with acclaimed poet Matt Mason, and cartooning with Tom Kerr (former cartoonist/illustrator for the Omaha World-Herald). Jean Mason will also be expanding her workshops to include intermediate painting classes.

Along with the new workshops, “Come Create It” classes are going to be conducted at an array of host sites around the Omaha area. In addition to Hot Shops Art Center, new locations will showcase other North Downtown establishments, venues in Midtown, and the historic Florence Mill. Omaha Creative Institute focuses on bringing art to the whole Omaha community, and it believes there is no better way to do this than by expanding the workshops throughout that community.

Their Mission

Omaha Creative Institute, an initiative of Hot Shops Art Foundation, provides a pathway to accessible creative activity and community progress pushing Omaha forward as a cultural force. Our goal is to provide leadership and unity to the arts community in Omaha and to serve as a cultural hub for Omaha by connecting artists, the private sector, and the government in order to better foster creative thought.

Did you notice the points I made earlier about creativity are also ways we ‘de-stress’ or are not stressed out about something? Why don’t you take a little mental mini-vacation and play with your creative side by taking a class through the Omaha Creative Institute. Last time I checked, it is ONLY $35.00 per person for most workshops! I have taken 2 classes and loved it.

Talk to me by leaving a comment below! I enjoy connecting with you.

AnnDbugzAnn Troe (@AnnieDoodlebugz) is graphic designer and illustrator.


Jo Lynch (not verified) says:

May 5, 2010 : 14 years 6 weeks ago

Jo Lynch's picture

Love your writing and article…makes me want to skip right over there to the Omaha Creative Institute..
Great upbeat article. If I lived there and had kids there, I’d be making great use of those classes and opportunities… Even if I didn’t have kids, I’d be interested. :)
Jo Lynch

AnnDbugz says:

May 6, 2010 : 14 years 6 weeks ago

AnnDbugz's picture

Jo! I think you must be my biggest fan! Thanks for the support and your comments.