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Hot Shops - the Hottest Art in Town!

The HOTTEST art in town has an upcoming open house
Large Yellow and Green Creature “Nails Ballman JR." by Amy Morin
Published on April 6, 2010 : 8 comments

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Hot Shops Art Center—Omaha’s home of all that is molten. You have to go, and take the kids if you have them!

Loken Forge (you know, pounding red hot iron on anvils), Crystal Forge (glass blowing wonders), and Bruning Sculpture (metal casting and welding) are the fiery trio from which the Hot Shops name was born.

Keep reading, there is so much more! In fact, the Hot Shops house over 56 artist studios with 70 artists and 4 gallery spaces. It is a very cool place to host your event.

There is a huge variety of different artists displaying their art. For example, Hot Shops houses fused glass, wood working, pottery, wire art, textiles, stained glass…and glass blowing demonstrations are always a crowd favorite! In all, there are over 92,000 square feet of creativity housed in what used to be the old Serta Mattress Factory.

Spud Footman - Sock Monsters by Emily TroeSpud Footman - Sock Monsters by Emily TroeI have taken a watercolor class from Madalyn Bruning in studio 201. I had a ball! It was a begining level class, and I learned so much. Madalyn taught art for Millard Public Schools. If you take her class, you get the insight of an amazing painter and the expertise of an educator all wrapped up in one.

My daughter and I made sock monsters with Amy Morin in studio 222. Amy is very active in the Omaha arts community and has a day job that utilizes her talents. We are still making more sock monsters at home. Each sock monster seems to take on a personality of its own. Just to name a few of my daughter’s monsters: Winston Wartman, Harry Toeman, and Argyle Shoeman. 

Sandy Toes - Sock Monsters by Emily TroeSandy Toes - Sock Monsters by Emily TroeCheck out the Omaha Creative Institute to see what classes are coming up. Some classes are offered at the Hot Shops, and some are offered at other locations. The price (as I type this) is only $35.00 per person. What a steal! I plan to take a pottery class and a fused glass class next.

Coming up the first weekend in May is the Hot Shops Spring Open House. See art demonstrations and enjoy live music. The artist studios are open and you get to see how/where they work. The Hot Shops has been ‘pinned’ by the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau as one of Omaha’s top attractions. Go see why!

The Hot Shops Art Center is located on the corner of 13th Street and Nicholas Street. You’ll see the bright orange building. They are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5, and Saturday and Sunday, 11 to 5.

lead photo: Large Yellow and Green Creature “Nails Ballman JR. by Amy Morin. Sock Monsters by Emily Troe.

AnnDbugzAnn Troe (@AnnieDoodlebugz) is graphic designer and illustrator.


Dad/Gramps (not verified) says:

April 8, 2010 : 14 years 6 weeks ago

Dad/Gramps's picture

So Emily is this why I can’t find any matching socks in my sock drawer? Based on the eyes and tongues on some did you forget to wash those? Don’t you two name any of those Dad or Gramps (without letting me see it first)


AnnDbugz says:

April 8, 2010 : 14 years 6 weeks ago

AnnDbugz's picture

Dad, Emily has read your comments. She laughed! AND takes issue that you are suggesting she would create a ‘stinky’ sock monster - they are “MESSY” sock monsters. She says she only uses the highest quality materials and in BRAND new condition. ;-) She has indicated that she may be able to come up with a ‘gramps’ design just for you - for a FEE of course! ;-)

Finch93 says:

April 8, 2010 : 14 years 6 weeks ago

Finch93's picture

Ann! This is wonderful! I am IN LOVE with Amy Morin’s monsters (Yup, all of them) and my friends Jeff and Lu were married at Hot Shops. :) It is an amazing place.

AnnDbugz says:

April 8, 2010 : 14 years 6 weeks ago

AnnDbugz's picture

Your Friends were married at the Hot Shops! HOW COOL IS THAT! Great story! Thanks for your comments and support ;-)

Jo Lynch (not verified) says:

April 19, 2010 : 14 years 5 weeks ago

Jo Lynch's picture

Oh, Annie, you make me want to run right out there to Omaha to take classes.. What a wonderful write up of the Hot Shops. Sounds like a great place for people to take their children for some art classes also. Love the liddle sock monsters… Toooo cute! Thanks for sharing this gem about the Hot Shops. In Maryland we have the same thing in an old Mill bldg… same concept.
Jo :)

AnniesDoodlebugz (not verified) says:

April 19, 2010 : 14 years 5 weeks ago

AnniesDoodlebugz's picture

JO! Thank you for the wonderful comments! I am definitely in love with the Hot Shops!

Anonymous (not verified) says:

May 17, 2010 : 14 years 1 week ago

Anonymous's picture

you guys should have another open house for the summer i would love to take a group of girls to check out this fabulous art place…

AnnDbugz says:

May 17, 2010 : 14 years 1 week ago

AnnDbugz's picture

I will pass that on to the Hot Shops! There is an open house again in December… usually the first weekend… You can go any day and on the weekends. You might try contacting them for a field trip… this girls would love the glass blowing the best -
Thanks for your comment!