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Omaha Largest Pizza Review Part 2

19 pizza shops battle it out for the title of Omaha's best
Omaha Pizza Review 2 at The Waiting Room, sponsored by Food & Spirits Magazine
Published on June 4, 2010 : 2 comments

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What would be a silly amount of pizza places to display in one room?

Would five be silly? Or ten? Would fifteen be a borderline ridiculous?

How about 19? Nineteen!

Nineteen pizza places is silly!

That didn’t stop Food & Spirits Magazine from taking over The Waiting Room Tuesday, June 1 for the aptly named, Omaha’s Largest Pizza Review Part 2. Despite some turbulent weather, they stuffed the Benson club with all-you-can-eat pizza from parlors across the city, $2 pints sponsored by La Vista’s Lucky Bucket, three bands, and more greasy, oily goodness than is currently floating around the Gulf of Mexico (what, too soon?).

Proceeds went to benefit the Foodbank for the Heartland with everyone from big chains like Godfather’s to newer shops like Goodnight’s being represented:

94/95 Grille
Mama Alvino’s
Bene Pizza & Pasta
Mangia Italiana
La Casa (on Leavenworth)
Goodnight’s Pizza
Lo Sole Mio
Pudgy’s Pizzeria
Frank’s Pizzeria
Don Carmelo’s
Sgt. Peffer’s
Pizza Gourmet
Pizza Shoppe

While winners won’t be announced until the July issue of Food & Spirits, early originality awards went to the clam pizza (on the half shell, which intern/videographer Chuck Hill boldly mistook for an amuse bouche, leading to some minor tooth discomfort), and Dante Pizzeria, who our video seems to crown as the fan favorite.

If nothing else, Dante clearly brought the most interesting "topping" of the evening: a wood fired oven the size of a boat trailer. Watching the chefs sprint from the outdoor trailer, through the torrential downpour, and back inside to deliver piping hot pizza was quite the sight.

Sadly, Dante’s trailer disappeared as fast as its pizza, the former mysteriously vanishing as soon as we went to photograph it (Was that a mirage? Did it really exist? Were we suffering from cheese induced hallucinations?). Their delicious white pie also served as only one of two vegetarian options. Vegetarians (like this biased author) probably should have known beforehand to look elsewhere for vegetarian fare.

One consistent problem? Food lovers too busy gorging themselves to remember which shop made what. If you represent any of the chains above, please claim your slice style in the comments below!

Come for the Pizza, Stay for the Music

After the dining was done, the night was finished off in fine fashion by a succession of local acts. Cass Fifty and the Family Gram, a rootsy outfit fronted by Cass Brostad, took the stage first. You’ll next be able to check out Cass, her amazing voice, and her "family" at the Benson Summer Fest.

Andrew Ballie, axman for It’s True, took the stage next with his new side project The Blue Sharks. Featuring 18-year-old drummer Derrick Matthews, and AARP beneficiary/local legend MoJoPo, this trio easily set the record for age disparity on stage, proving once again that the blues know no number, only talent. "I’m a bluesman," Ballie said, "I gotta let it out."

The Matt Cox Band closed out the night. Though the fully satiated crowd made rumors of tryptophan-laced turkey pizza seem quasi-plausible, Cox’ rousing harmonica and funky backing band brought everyone back to life, back to their feet, and ready to be back for more…

…Tomorrow night. For one night, we were full.

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Ginger (not verified) says:

June 12, 2010 : 14 years 5 weeks ago

Ginger's picture

It’s Bene Pizza & Pasta, not Mama Alvino’s Bene Pizza. Two different restaurants.
Thank you,

morgan says:

June 12, 2010 : 14 years 5 weeks ago

morgan's picture

Thanks for the heads up Ginger