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Aromas Coffeehouse

Aromas Coffeehouse in Omaha, Nebraska
Neighborhood: The Old Market
Business Type: Restaurants
Cuisine: Coffeehouse
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(402) 614-7009






If you are in the market for great coffee, fair prices, and pleasant ambiance, then Aromas is the place for you.

The location is ideal for anyone out for the day in the Old Market, and anytime you stop by, you’ll likely bump into someone who works in the neighborhood and relies on Aromas for their caffeine fix. The place is open and airy with plenty of seating, though the comfy couches by the fireplace are surely the premium offerings (that’s if the outside tables don’t suit your fancy). There’s also a full-service bakery, Bickford’s, attached if you need a little more than liquids.

(402) 614-7009