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Sean M. Riley

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Freelance Writer
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Barnes & Noble
No children: would like some now or in the future

About Sean M. Riley

I’m from Omaha. People tell me I’m old. Old is relative. I have a wonderful wife, and a dog named Mr. Fehrley. The Don Knott’s character is spelled Mr. Furley. I know that, but I thought adding that extra ‘H’ give my dog greater self-esteem, and I thought it would make him feel more exotic and French. I thought it would give him a certain joie de vivre in life.

As far as writing is concerned, I have been writing for 20 years, and I have written in several genres. I have been published in numerous places on the net under the name Rilaly. I have my own site at that lists my political blogs, my short stories, my creative non-fiction, a list of my influences, and a little bit more about me.



I am interested in just about every type of writing, except poetry and technical writing. I am a huge football fan (American style), I love reading fiction and non-fiction, and I love music. I love ethnic food (American style). I listen to Mike Patton’s music, and John Zorn. I love Chuck Palahniuk, Larry David, Quentin Tarantino, David Bowie, John Irving, and I’m currently aroused by the storytelling acumen displayed by the history writers Toby Lester and Candice Millard.

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