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Ronald Boutelle


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February 11, 2011 : 13 years 14 weeks ago

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If anyone would like to read my book, “Abandoned,” it is available free of charge and complete at


Fact: Around 1625 A.D. two Spanish padres approached a vista overlooking present-day San Angelo, Texas. In the valley below they saw approximately 6000 American Indians walking behind a 6 foot cross decorated with flower garlands. Some of the Indians had rosary beads. According to Spanish records none of their priest had ever been there. So where did the Indians get their rosaries? Who taught them the fundamentals of Christianity?

Fact: More than 8500 miles from San Angelo, a Muslim Saint is tied to a tree where his executioners are ordered to whip him to death. They are unable to kill him.

Fact: Inside a cloistered convent located over 5000 miles from San Angelo, a nun is observed floating while in a deep trance.

Fact: In Santa Fe, New Mexico there is a spiral staircase that experts say was impossible to build, yet it stands today for all to see.

Fact: 5000 years ago within a secluded forest a famous dance took place.

Fact: In one of the most venerated Scriptures in the world, an ocean of milk is described. 2000 miles from where this story originated the largest temple complex in the world was dedicated to this famous ocean.

Fact: About 2000 years ago Jesus Christ was crucified.

Fact: At the end of the Vietnam War, a few Americans were simply left behind to fend for themselves.

Fact: In Lima, Peru the son of an African slave is able to walk through locked doors.

Fact: Using the most modern methods of examination, an image of the Virgin Mary defies all logic for its existence. 475 years old, this painting is still on public display.

Fact: In 1767 the seal of a box was broken to examine its contents. Inside are letters revealing an oath of secrecy meant to hide a certain event that happened inside their local church 100 years earlier.

Fact: In 1885 a young girl was observed in a cave by hundreds of people as she dug on her hands and knees with her fingers searching desperately for water. A few minutes later she pulled up a bunch of weeds and started to eat them, her face smeared with mud. Today this girl is venerated as one of the greatest Catholic Saints of all time.

Fact: A former British soldier had been so grievously wounded during WWI that he was waiting to be placed in a hospital for the incurable. He couldn’t walk, his entire arm was shriveled, he had a hole in his skull and other open wounds that would not heal. He had epileptic seizures daily. A few months later he ran barefoot on a gravel road to escape from two men chasing him. They couldn’t catch him.

Fact: 500 years ago the most famous man in India mistakes a vast ocean for a holy river and dives into it. His disciples are frantic. Miles away, the next morning a local fisherman snags something in his net. Covered in salt, seaweed and sand the object appears to be a 12 foot long human being.

Fact: In total, 30 B-52s were lost during the Vietnam War, including 10 B-52s that were shot down over North Vietnam with five others being damaged and crashing in Laos or Thailand.

Fact: You can read every word of Abandoned without paying a dime.

My Book is a religious thriller. The book opens in a jungle with a group of soldiers with a metal detector trying to make sense out of a tragic event that happened during the Vietnam War. What they discover sets the stage for an even greater mystery. Read for yourself how one man’s incredible survival against all odds allows the author to weave a tale that in the end manages to connect every one of facts above. Certainly nobody could accomplish that without drawing an explosive conclusion.

Ronald E. Boutelle
January 21, 2011