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Omaha Fashion Magazine Debuts, Party Ensues

An interview with magazine co-founder Rachel Richards
Cover of the 2010 edition of Omaha Fashion Magazine
Published on July 20, 2010 : 3 comments

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Fashion, how you present yourself to the world, is not a week long process—it’s a daily decision. Omaha Fashion Week has grown into a signature event for the city, but it’s just that: one week. With the Wednesday launch of Omaha Fashion Magazine, the creators of Omaha Fashion Week hope to keep the spotlight on Omaha fashion year round, helping to guide locals’ fashion decisions and reveal the plethora of creative talent in this Midwest fashion capital.

We interviewed Rachel Richards, co-founder and fashion director of Omaha Fashion Week, over the phone to learn more about her goals for Omaha Fashion Magazine and what people can expect at Wednesday’s magazine launch party (Nomad Lounge, 6 – 9pm). The answers to these questions are taken from that interview.

Whose idea was it to publish the magazine and how did this come about?
Nick Hudson of the Hudson 1869 GroupNick Hudson of the Hudson 1869 GroupLike many things fashion-related in Omaha, the idea for the magazine began with Richards and Nick Hudson, owner of holding company Hudson 1869 Group, which is responsible for both Nomad and Omaha Fashion Week. Together, the pair wanted a platform for designers, models, photographers, and hair and makeup professionals to share their skills with a broader audience.

What can people expect in an issue of Omaha Fashion Magazine?
Rachel says that while the magazine will be mainly locally focused, it won’t contain “just local fashion, but what’s ‘in’ right now.”

For example, the debut issue contains a handful of feature stories, tying national fashion trends to local models, photographers, and designers. Pieces include:

  • All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go: Local Talent Is Ready for Mainstream Attention”
  • Staking Out A Scene: OFW Paves the Way for a Local Fashion Evolution”
  • Fashion on My Time: Our Very Own Style Maven Shares Her Schedule” (an article about social media and fashion from OFW intern Chrissy Fogerty)

How often will the magazine be published? How will it relate to Omaha Fashion Week?
Rachel Richards: co-founder of Omaha Fashion MagazineRachel Richards: co-founder of Omaha Fashion MagazineThe magazine will be published once for 2010, but will hopefully expand to twice a year for 2011, and eventually quarterly. When the magazine expands to two issues, the second issue will line up with the Omaha Fashion Week Spring Preview now held each year. The goal is to keep fashion in the minds of Omahans year round and remind them of the local talent they have available to them.

Though a website may eventually be in the works, for now, the plan is to use an online magazine viewer to allow web users to flip through the issues’ “pages.”

Where can people get the magazine?
The magazine will be available at “coffee shops, hair and makeup places, dentist offices, spas, and more.” Issues are already being distributed throughout the city. When asked if they would need to do more than one print run, Rachel said no: one thing that’s nice about Halo is that “space is never a problem.”

Besides Nick and Rachel, who is behind the Omaha Fashion Magazine?

Issues of the Omaha Fashion Magazine ready for distributionIssues of the Omaha Fashion Magazine ready for distribution

  • Sara Dreamer – Editor and Chief of issue no. 1  (she’s recently taken another job, but remains active in OFM)
  • AJ Brown – Cover Photographer
  • Jennifer Pool – Cover Clothing Designer
  • Maggie Cargy – Cover Model
  • T’eez Salon – Hair and Makeup
  • Leo Biga – Feature Writer

Who will be writing in the magazine? Photographing? Advertising?
For now, the production of the magazine will be handled in house, but Rachel says that they’ll be looking to “include more contributors as they go along.”

Initial advertising sponsors included State Farm Insurance, Methodist Women’s Hospital, Village Pointe, Urban Wine, in addition to some co-sponsors from OFW.

What can people expect at Wednesday night’s event?
A cover unveiling, drink specials (including a free drink with the purchase of OFW tickets), and plenty of time to meet and greet with designers, models, photographers, and talent of all sorts. This will be a great networking event, and a chance to meet ALL of the important people in Omaha fashion.

Check back later this week for Photos, Videos, and more Interviews from the Omaha Fashion Magazine Launch Party!

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Anonymous (not verified) says:

July 26, 2010 : 13 years 46 weeks ago

Anonymous's picture

What can people expect at Wednesday night’s event? A cover unveiling…um…isn’t that the cover on the top of the article…I wouldn’t exactly say “unveiling” is something worth seeing when we all already say it before the event.

jordy says:

July 26, 2010 : 13 years 46 weeks ago

jordy's picture

@Anonymous You should remember to log in with the username Debbie Downer next time! Yes it’s true, the cover was technically unveiled prior to the event, but the OFM team blew it up on some large posterboard along with other pages from the magazine, and it looked great. If you hadn’t seen the cover before, it was there to be “unveiled” : )

Leo Biga (not verified) says:

July 29, 2010 : 13 years 46 weeks ago

Leo Biga's picture

Thanks for the Omaha Fashion Magazine coverage.

I am indeed the feature writer behind most of the articles in the mag’s inaugural issue.

One thing though, I would prefer Omaha.Net visitors link to me via my blog site:

Leo Adam Biga’s Blog at

My LinkedIn site is also a good way to access my professional work portfolio: