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All Young Girls Are Machine Guns? That's What She Said

Absurd Musical Insights from Slo-Fi Records
Rebecca Lowry, aka All Young Girls Are Machine Guns
Published on August 18, 2010

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In the wake of Napster, Lime Wire, BitTorrent, and a sour economy, believe it or not, people are still making records. And they’re still throwing parties. Thursday marks the CD Release Party for Secret Attic Records (9pm, The Slowdown). This is newest album from Slo-Fidelity Recordings artist Rebecca Lowry, better known as All Young Girls Are Machine Guns.

AYGAMG will be joined onstage by Midwest Dilemma (see an interview with Midwest Dilemma here) and Kyle Harvey, who you might remember from the dearly departed It’s True. Once upon a time, we had a zany, irreverent interview with It’s True, and that got us thinking…

All Young Girls are Machine Guns album coverAYGAMG album coverIf that famous quote, "writing about music is like dancing about architecture" is true, then you don’t have to read on: you just have to come Thursday. The intimate, bedroom ceiling sounds of AYGAMG will remind you of your naked heart better than any interview can. So, we’re not writing about the sultry voice and the weathered lyrics of a knowing soul: we’re asking silly questions and getting silly answers! Have some fun with your local Omaha musicians, your friends, this Thursday.

To absurdia, and beyond! 

Kyle Harvey, Slo-Fi Celebrity at Large

1. Who is Slo-Fidelity Records? Why is Slo-Fidelity Records?
Slo-Fi RecordsSlo-Fi RecordsSlo-Fidelity Records is a group of fringe radicals that survive on nothing but avocados and Jameson. They aren’t known by names per se, instead opting to acknowledge each other by sounds unique to each individual. Say, for example, when referring to the gal the media has began to refer to as All Young Girls Are Machine Guns, other Slo-Fi individuals merely grunt twice with short breaths followed by a third longer grunt. Slo-Fidelity is Records because of this simple equation: Records = SLO(137-23) + Fidelity x 3xyz — (I have no idea what I am talking about or what the population of Valentine, NE is). However, I am pretty sure that you can see it’s just a simple mathematical formula. Slo-Fidelity Records is kind of like Antimatter.

2. Better for the environment: vinyl or mp3’s?
Vinyl is definitely better for your soul. And, with vinyl you can disappear out of the view of Big Brother. Mp3’s suck Gogurt.

3. If Hi-fi is the Cheesecake Factory, and Slo-fi is McFoster’s, who picks up the check?
Have you ever had the blackened tempeh at McFoster’s? It’s fantastic. No one should ever spend a dime at Cheesecake factory. Keep your hard earned clams local.

4. Once, while eating a box of Cracker Jacks in the pool, I found a 1971 Buick Skylark Convertible. Could you describe Thursday’s concert as buoyant?
Buoy-yeah! Float on down to Slowdown’s Marina.

5. Final Jeopardy: Music in Omaha.
Who is Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship, The Bruces, Hercules, Nick Carl and The Meadowlarks, Underwater Dream Machine, Englebert Pimpledick, Mannheim Creamthrower, Big Buck Hunter, Bard Coleslaw and The Baked Beans, Stay Awake, Jake Bellows, anything Bobby T. Holiday is involved with, Dan McCarthy, Sasquatch, and All Young Girls Are Machine Guns?

Rebecca Lowry, aka All Young Girls Are Machine Guns

1. But really, are all young girls machine guns?
AYGAMG performing liveAYGAMG performing liveYES. I might reference Amy Fischer or Paris Hilton or any female member of my audience any given Monday.

2. Many people might remember you as "the girl with the ukulele." Why the unique choice of instrument?
I did it all for the nookie.

3. Musicians, especially those that consider themselves Benson-based, are a tight knit group in Omaha. If the city re-recorded We Are the World, who would you be and why?
While my answer would typically be Kenny Loggins or The Pointer Sisters for completely different reasons, I have to say let’s not mess with what was once such a beautiful thing.

4. What is your best asset as a musician? What is your greatest weakness as a backgammon player?
My best asset (and once biggest secret) as a musician is my ability to kazoo like a mo’fo. My weaknesses at backgameon are that I can neither spell backgameon nor do I have any clue how the game is played (it is a game, right?).

5. Known ukulele aficionado Eminem once rapped: "And I’m thankful for every fan that I get / But I can’t take a [doody] in the bathroom / Without someone standing by it." Is the bathroom really a great place to record? Wait…we mean…what would you like to say to your fans?

(For the record, the first song I wrote, I recorded in video form in my bathroom, which makes everything sound better.) To my fans: Thanks for keeping me cool all Summer. This was a hot one. [But no, really, I have a crush on you all.]

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