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Freedom Park

A Naval Museum with USS Marlin SST-2 & the USS Hazard AM-240
a few of the over 100 exhibits in the park
Neighborhood: Riverfront
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Freedom Park, located at 2497 Freedom Park Road along the Missouri River, is an outdoor park and United States Naval Museum. It is home to the USS Marlin SST-2, the only target and training USN submarine left in the world, the USS Hazard AM-240, the only Admiral Class Minesweeper left in the world, and the only complete collection of USN anti-aircraft guns held entirely in one park. In addition, the park also houses a collection of jets, a helicopter, a Captain’s Gig, many rocket launchers, missiles, and other military vehicles.

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Anchor Inn

Soak Your Liver on the River
Neighborhood: Riverfront
Business Type: Bars

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