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Vickie Seitner


AnnDbugz says:

March 3, 2010 : 14 years 12 weeks ago

AnnDbugz's picture

I am looking for any ideas on how to sell my online store. For now, the profits are going to the Omaha Food Bank (when it takes off, I will recoup my expenses, eventually pay myself a salary etc.)

I am currently doing these things since this is a ‘side’ business and I don’t have a budget or other funding ;-) I am a self employed Graphic Designer/illustrator.

I barter free graphic designe services in exchange for free advertising - this is going well!
I twitter
I am now writing a column on to gain more exposure.
I do other small things like use notecards from my store to thank people… I have custom postage stamps… leave business cards in public places, place flyers in grocery stores.

Just wondering what thoughts or opinions you may have.
Take care and love your column!

Vickie Seitner (not verified) says:

March 6, 2010 : 14 years 11 weeks ago

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Hi Ann

What a wonderful gift you have. I visited your website and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your colorful characters and products, and what a great way to support others!

You are definitely doing all of the right things in getting your name and products visible. In looking at what other avenues you could explore, have you joined any networking groups on Linked In? This may be an avenue that would allow you to network with other graphic designers and to see what others are doing to market their product. If a group doesn’t exist, you could create one.

If you are open to supporting other non-profits, a second possibility would be providing your products to non-profit organizations for their fund raising auctions. I know non-profits are always looking for items to use for for their silent auctions and your items would be perfect!

The only other avenue I can think of would be to approach a few local boutique stores and see if they would be interested in displaying a certain selection. They may be very interested since this is going to such a great cause.

I wish you all the best. I will certainly be visiting your website and I especially love your baby items.

Take care and keep in touch!


AnniesDoodlebugz (not verified) says:

March 6, 2010 : 14 years 11 weeks ago

AnniesDoodlebugz's picture

Thank you for so many great suggestions! I am on Linked In… but I do not ‘work it’ like I do Twitter… I can spend sometime on that and I had not looked for other Graphic Designers.

I REALLY love the fund raising auctions idea - I hadn’t thought of that at all!

Thanks you so much for giving me new inspiration ! :-)
I really appreciate it!


Vickie Seitner (not verified) says:

March 8, 2010 : 14 years 11 weeks ago

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Hi Ann

You are more than welcome! I am looking forward to seeing your products all over Omaha-

Take care


Jim (not verified) says:

November 12, 2010 : 13 years 28 weeks ago

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Dear Vicki,

I am going to be relocating to Omaha soon, but I’m trying to find a job there first. Do you have any suggestions on any decent paying jobs there to checkout (hiring for hourly production workers? My friends told me of one or two places but there not currently hiring. Thanks in advance

Anonymous (not verified) says:

December 10, 2011 : 12 years 24 weeks ago

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my friend and I are starting a dating coach business in Omaha - a much needed service from our perspective - while keeping our day jobs. what advice do you have for (a) women (b) entrepreneurs (c) in their 40’s (d) starting a small business (LLC) (e) in Omaha these days?