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Christy Pooschke


theflotts says:

March 16, 2011 : 13 years 13 weeks ago

theflotts's picture

Christy .. we live in the Benson area to and have been thinking about chickens. Can my wife and I stop by some eve or weekend to check out your setup? Shoot us an email at theflotts [at] cox [dot] net

Woody Wood (not verified) says:

January 29, 2012 : 12 years 19 weeks ago

Woody Wood's picture

Read your urban chicken article. It was great to know that there are others that want ‘to get off the grid’ so to speak. Thanks for the great info. Does this mean, as your neighbor, you won’t care when we get chickens?:)woody

cpooschke says:

January 29, 2012 : 12 years 19 weeks ago

cpooschke's picture

Woody - We’d LOVE it if you get chickens :) Especially if you have extra eggs to sell us. Hmm….or maybe we’ll have OUR chickens by then? Who knows :)