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Linda Hovland


Bles'dVet says:

July 14, 2015 : 8 years 40 weeks ago

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A hidden GEM! in South Omaha…. Victory Riding Academy offers equine therapy for those needing a lift in body/soul, have always wanted to ride a horse, just want to ride a horse again! or who just love horses!

Located in South Omaha (4534 Madison Street), its a small, non-flashy facility with really cool people and gentle, well-trained horses (including minis—which adults and kids LOVE!).
The horses have been present at RCR, numerous parades and as flag bearers at numerous sporting events around the Omaha Metro.
It is open to the public and just a really cool place.

They DO have a website: and they are on facebook under Victory Riding Academy.

Check ‘em out and say “Haaaaaayyyyy”! to the ‘horses that heal’!