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College World Series 2010: The 'Blatt Say Goodbye College World Series 2010: The 'Blatt Say Goodbye
Video of the final year of the College World Series at historic Rosenblatt Stadium. Fans come from all over, but they are stand in agreement: the College World Series is a special time, and Omaha is a special place.
The Streets on Cornhuskers Game Night
Following the band into the stadium, and then the roar of the crowd leading up to the Tunnel Walk.
Music at the Sidetrack Tavern, Lincoln, NE
Joyce, Paul, and the Sidetrack band sing their versions of the Nebraska Fight song, 2 songs for Ndamukong Suh (My Name is Suh, Run Around Suh), 1 song for Roy Helu (Helu B Good), and a special song NOT FOR THE KIDDIES.
Team Olympia Gets Ready to Ride
One last equipment check before leaving the bikes in the pre-race area and heading off for the first Team Challenge.
Team Olympia Cycle Comes Into A Check Point
Team Olympia Cycle comes in for a nighttime checkpoint. Hear the roar that goes up from our fan club.
Pre-race Walk Around the Competition
Eying the other teams before the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race. Still a beautiful, sunny afternoon at this point.
Pre-race Lap Around the Competition
A quick bike ride around the competition before the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race began.
Postrace Interview with Stacey
Team Olympia Cycle member Stacey gives her thoughts on the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race, her first ever Adventure Race!
Beginning of the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race
The Team Challenge that begin the Bootleggers Night Adventure Race. Two of the three team members had to work together to move the water filled buckets up the hill. Then, the third team member had to haul it alone! Once complete, off to the bikes to begin the...