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With the Riverfront Wine Festival (August 28 and 29th) fast approaching, we stopped by a special preview tasting event at WineStyles to sample some of the wines that will be on...

The food channel is for everything gastronomic going down in Omaha. Food events, interviews with chefs, video from the farms that make our state proud: if you can eat it (or talk about eating it), we’ll film it. Have video that belongs in our food channel? Want to be interviewed and educate people about food? Contact us here.

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Nicola’s In the Market Nicola’s In the Market
My sisters and I decided to end our search for the perfect pasta sauce with Nicola’s Italian Wine and Faire, located on the outskirts of the Old Market at the corner of 13th & Jackson.
Pasta Amore e Fantasia Pasta Amore e Fantasia
In this latest episode, the Marino Sisters visited Leo Fascianella, owner and executive chef of one of the city’s finest Italian restaurants, Pasta Amore e Fantasia.
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The Marino Sisters have completed their first culinary contest dining in one of Omaha’s finest Italian Restaurants, Lo Sole Mio!
An Ideal Spaghetti Sauce An Ideal Spaghetti Sauce
“There are two kinds of people in this world—Italians, and those who wanna be.” At least that’s how the saying goes, and obviously started by a very proud Italian!
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In her latest column, Vicky DeCoster ably fends off the temptation to eat just one more Thin Mint, one more Trefoil, and one more Peanut Butter Sandwich. Just kidding.
Adam and our youngest son, Manny, looking out over the cow herd Meet Your Farmer: Thistles & Clover Farm
In the first installment of a new series spotlighting local farmers, our What's Fresh? columnist introduces Lucy Cameron of Thistles & Clover, a small family farm that offers 100% grass-fed beef and pasture-raised poultry and eggs.
Kevin and Maria Tworek, Owners of Brass Monkey Join the Mug Club at Brass Monkey
If you're tired of the nondescript corporate-type bars that have overrun South Omaha, you deserve a drink at Brass Monkey.
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A bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature would ban fast-food toys unless restaurants can make their children's menus healthier. What's a parent to do? (Hint: Cook.)
Etta enjoying the pullets on one of their first days in the yard City Chicks Have More Fun!
Raising urban chickens in Omaha is fun, rewarding, easier than you would think, and LEGAL. Hear from Kate Bodman on the joys of raising your own laying hens and from Kelly Smith of Black Sheep Farms about their upcoming Urban Chickens class.
Letting Go of Processed Food: Challenging, But Worth It! Letting Go of Processed Food: Challenging, But Worth It!
After attending a Real Foods lecture, guest contributor Keri Rheinfrank gives them a try. This means not only cutting out fast food but taking baby steps—planning groceries, finding local farms, discovering new snacks—to achieve her goal: an 80/20 diet.

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