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Christine Lind


Jessica (not verified) says:

January 13, 2015 : 9 years 23 weeks ago

Jessica's picture

Hello. I was searching the internet for those interested in the Omaha Brandeis department store and came across your site. Would you be interested in buying a real metal highway sign that says Omaha and # of miles with a large Brandeis sign underneath? They are connected with a bracket. I can send you a picture of it. If you are not interested, can you point me in the direction of anyone that might be? It would be very helpful. Thank you for your time.


Christine (not verified) says:

January 14, 2015 : 9 years 23 weeks ago

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What a cool sign. I would contact the Brandeis office staff. Call their sales and rental office located at the Brandeis Building. The number on the Brandeis website is: 402.345.6564, and ask for the manager, Deanne.

It could jazz up their office!