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September 2009

Starting Line of an Adventure Race in Kearney Nebraska A Trip to Kearney, NE with an Adventure Race to Boot
There are certain places I expected to find myself when I moved to Omaha to begin working on full-time. I pictured interviews in the Old Market and trips to community events in Benson. If I tried hard, I could even project myself into an Omaha...
Nina Mote
Nina Mote moved to the US in 1962 and has lived in Omaha for nearly 40 years. She works on PR, Public Education and Outreach for the Hindu Temple in West Omaha. We spoke with Nina at the Hindu Temple on July 24, 2009. Nina Mote was recommended by Beth...
Carter Lake at Levi-Carter Park Levi Carter Park
Carter Lake is probably the only town in the Nebraska-Io