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March 2012

2012 OFW runway Strike a pose
"You should get up on the runway," my friend whispered. The designers were showing off their clothing racks on the far side of the room. A few people still lingered in the rows of chairs alongside the runway, chatting about the...
Benson Park Benson Park
Business Lesson #4: Follow the Wisdom of Your Inner Child Business Lesson #4: Follow the Wisdom of Your Inner Child
I used to be wise. I used to tell the truth. Being me used to be just enough. It was a long time ago, but I still remember little bits: I didn’t care too little or too much about being one of the smartest kids in class. It...
Deerfield Place Deerfield Place
A commercial real estate property in the Millard neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska anchored by True Value Hardware
Ernest Hemingway - Where do writing ideas come from? The Search for the Great Story
The first and most fundamental question every storyteller must ask is do they have a great story to tell? Is it good? Do your friends find it mildly amusing, somewhat sad, or really good in parts, or do they find it great? Most aspiring writers don...