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October 2009

Charles Ahovissi African Dance Instructor UNO Offers Dance, Drumming Classes in African Tradition
When this story fell into my little lap, I was pumped. I have wanted to try African dance for over a year! This better be worthwhile, I thought. And it was. For only $5, I got a great workout, had incredible amounts of fun, and met a few new...
Drawing a guillotine with Grandpa Grandpa G's Life Lessons Through Art - Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?
For our first entry, we would like to run a favorite past post from our blog. Even though Heidi debuted this piece back in July, it seems fitting to run it again around Halloween/Day of the Dead… Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love my dad...
Lake Manawa State Park Lake Manawa State Park
Sometimes a great tree is enough to put you in a good mood, and Lake Manawa State Park has some really great trees. There’s quite a bit more there, but you could always consider going for Arbor Day.
Slow Food Omaha members enjoy a harvest dinner at Rhizosphere Farm Slow Food Omaha Offers Real "Value Meal"
Ever wonder how we’ve gotten to this point? A point where you can drive up behind a brick building; order a breaded “meat” patty on a bun, some greasy fries, and an artificially-colored corn-syrupy drink (which you can only dream would...