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Stephen Abraham took special care in designing a "green" office in an excellent location.Learn more about Stephen’s psychotherapy practice on

Small businesses are integral to Omaha’s success. Think of this channel as a way to research businesses and professional service providers from the comfort of your own home. Try before you buy. Learn about goods and services. Walk around the shop. Want your business on here? Contact us.

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Everything's Fine - We don't need "No Stinkin" Change Everything's Fine - We don't need "No Stinkin" Change
Organizations have to evolve and retain innovation if they want to be competitive. Managing change as an employee or employer is not a static reaction; using a variety of tools increases the success of the results.
Sandwich generation Chosing Parents or Work! Choices you don't have to make
Our population is aging. How do you survive working, caring for your children, and your parent – you’re a proud member of the sandwich generation. Employers and employees have to work collaboratively to address this rising challenge.
Business Lesson #4: Follow the Wisdom of Your Inner Child Business Lesson #4: Follow the Wisdom of Your Inner Child
"I wrote down my thoughts about life on slips of paper, thinking I’d keep them forever and refer back to them when I became a parent, a teacher, a librarian or a famous author. These notes, I thought, would be the breadcrumbs I'd follow back to...
Sari Bari blankets, photo by Jenifer Altman Business Lesson #3: No Need to be Sweet
What have you got? How do you offer it to the world? Big questions in the latest business lesson by Daphne Eck. Sari Bari, founded by Sarah Lance, hires women who want to escape the sex trade and sells hand-made textiles made from recycled Indian saris.
Being Terminated Doesn't Mean "Terminal" Being Terminated Doesn’t Mean “Terminal”
In many cases, terminations of employment have nothing to do with a lack of talent. Our workplace correspondent reminds us to keep an open mind when interviewing workers who have been recently fired.
An Interview with Elle Lien of Daily Grub Business Lesson #2: Let Go and Find the Flow
Daphne Eck Coppock has a conversation with chef Elle Lien about what it's like to find happiness, community, and belonging in the delicious chaos of Daily Grub.
An on-call personal concierge service in Omaha? Mompreneur Profile: Moms on Wheels
Paula Dodds talks to Moms on Wheels, an on-call personal concierge service in Omaha run by two very resourceful moms, Chris Murray and Carrin Meadows. Errands, shopping, house-sitting, bookkeeping - these 2 women do it all.
The Office Gossip? Seriously! The Office Gossip? Seriously!
So you thought you left behind all this stuff when you graduated from high school...only to find it alive and well in the workplace. Gossip and negativity adversely impact productivity -- for both you and your co-workers.
When Good Leaders Go Bad When Good Leaders Go Bad
Every company has its share of Good Leaders and Star Employees. Are you either? Our HR expert takes a simple situation—a missed assignment—and figures out what went wrong, dispensing advice on building team confidence and achieving results along the way.
Business Lesson #1: There Is No Recipe (Who Cares) Business Lesson #1: There Is No Recipe (Who Cares)
Daphne Eck Coppock worked hard for a decade, spent a year unemployed, and then decided to "figure out my career." In this series of interviews and reflections with Omaha business women and entrepreneurs, she reveals 6 lessons inspiring her new...

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