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Candids from the 2010 ICAN Women's Leadership Conference

Say cheese! Photos from the Women's Leadership Conference.
Women Leaders
Published on April 9, 2010

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The day started off with a bang, as opening speaker Sonia Choquette had the women of the Qwest Center out of their seats and dancing within minutes of the 2010 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference’s beginning.

In between the rousing lunchtime speech by Dr. Julianne Maleaux, and speeches and breakout sessions with Marian Salzman, Marilyn Tam, Debbie Reynolds Hughes, Amy Dorn Kopelan, and the keynote with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, snuck up on unsuspecting conference goers for a few candid photos—we’re crafty like that—and was lucky to have a few models smile for posed shots.

Check the movie below to see if your beautiful face made it into our slideshow!

(fun tip - click on the little blue dot on the video player and you can leave a comment right in the video! Let us know who you are.)

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