I recently saw a 19 year old Cockatiel for a routine wellness exam, and that made me happy for the entire day. That evening, I was greeted at the door by my three dogs, two of whom are seniors, and Max the Cat, who will be 14 next month. I looked over their four fuzzy heads to the rodents in the corner and realized that all four of them are older than the average lifespan of their species.

Remember when I had to make a decision on surgery on Wuzzy Rat, who was, at the time, six months older than the average lifespan of hairless rats, and at the end of the lifespan of “normal” rats? Of course you do! She is super cute! How could you forget that face? Especially when I keep taking pictures of her and Fuzzy and making you look at all of them! ANYWAYS, do you remember what I said about pet lifespans then?

…A lifespan…is an average. Every average has outliers. Most average lifespans of our pet friends are steadily increasing as husbandry and medical knowledge improve.

Ebony DogEbony Dog
born 8/21/01
current age:

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