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Brent Crampton talks about his influences as a DJ, including DJ Larry Levan, the documentary Maestro, and the book My Life in the Paradise Garage by Mel Cheren. See more from...

This channel features video of bands performing in Omaha’s best venues (Qwest Center, Waiting Room, Slowdown, etc.) and interviews with artists, jazz to rock, local acts to national. DJ, band, or performer with something to say? Film a great concert and want to tell Omaha about it? Contact us here.

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The Talk Music of Listener The Talk Music of Listener
Listener returns to Omaha with a special performance at the bemisUNDERGROUND on June 16, 2011. We caught up with lead singer Dan Smith to talk about his spoken-word style and his independent approach to venues and record labels.
Deadline Blues Deadline Blues
With spring nearly upon us, April showers will bring...blues bands? Okay, that might not rhyme, but it is the truth. The Blues Society of Omaha is sponsoring this year's Nebraska Blues Challenge. A former blues judge (yes, they exist) weighs in.
Tim Westergren with piles of music Opening Pandora's Box with Tim Westergren
Tim Westergren founded the wildly popular internet radio service Pandora, but he never stopped trying to improve upon it. He came to Omaha for a town hall meeting at the Durham Museum to discuss internet radio and the Music Genome Project...and to learn.
Rebecca Lowry, aka All Young Girls Are Machine Guns All Young Girls Are Machine Guns? That's What She Said
Midwest Dilemma and Kyle Harvey will join All Young Girls Are Machine Guns for the Secret Attic Recordings CD Release Party. And this has almost nothing to do with the interview that follows. Silly questions, silly answers: local musicians.
Britt Daniel of Spoon at the 2010 MAHA Music Festival MAHA 2010 Wrap: Time to Give Out Some Awards
With MAHA 2010 officially in the books, it's time to recap the concert by giving out some fake prizes. There are concert pictures and links to other reviews, too, but don't you just need to know who won the "Justin Bieber/Omaha Mall"...
The Old 97s at The Taste of Dallas MAHA Festival Bands Link Love
Announcing the winners to our final MAHA Contest (might be more than you think!) and share all the wonderful links they entered. It's your one stop to learn about the 2010 MAHA Festival bands!
Josh Age 8 The Beat Goes On: Life with a Fifteen-Year-Old Drummer
We tried to steer our son toward other instruments, but one look at him drumming away and it was clear: he had fallen in love. From one loud Christmas to a full time gig as parental roadies for the BluesEd group, this is what it's like raising a...
Three of the five members of Omaha DJ crew 1/Fourth 1/Fourth: How Omaha's Sickest DJ Crew Adds Up
Now, I can’t tell you when, or even how exactly I got sucked into the 1/Fourth machine: all I know is that it happened, and it happened fast! Omaha's 1/Fourth is more than just music: they make happenings.
It's True at the Waiting Room Interview with It's True on the Eve of Their Record Release
We caught up with Omaha's It's True on the verge of their first full length CD release and sure to be popular show at The Waiting Room. Click through for an intimate look at the band tuning up and goofing off, with practice footage and a band...
Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House Spring Is Here! Bring on the Rock!
Like a Grizzly Bear waking up from winter hibernation, the Omaha music scene is back this Spring, and it's hungry! National acts (Black Lips, Girls, Julian Casablancas) will mix with local faves (Capgun Coup, It's True). Everyone's here......

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