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Pugs 'N Wine Adoption Event

Adoptable Pugs + Wine = Enjoyable time for pug lovers
Pugs and Wine Event
Published on April 24, 2010

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An evening of free wine and adoptable pugs is the perfect way to connect with a great group of local pug rescue volunteers (plus meeting adorable, adoptable pugs isn’t bad either).

Long Dog Fat Cat hosted the event, called Pugs ‘N Wine, on Tuesday April 20th, from 5:30pm to 7:30 pm. The event was a twist on the normal adoption events that Pug Parnters holds at this store. The introduction of Pug Wine was a huge hit with all who attended.

Those interested in adopting were encouraged to attend and meet the pugs and their foster parents. This evening included over 10 pugs, with two one-eye pugs. The hit of the night was Ernie, an easy-going fun loving pug, who decided that the treat shelf was his own personal grocery store.

If you haven’t been around a pug before, you’ll have to try and make it to one of Pug Partners events to check them out. You’ll fall in love!

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