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Tranquility Park

Tranquility Park
Neighborhood: West Omaha
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Tranquility Park is a large (340 acre) park in West Omaha with great facilities. It features 8 baseball fields, 17 soccer fields, and 24 tennis courts. Other services include shelters, restrooms, a playground and open spaces. The Tranquility Park Mountain Bike Trail, the first authorized off-road biking trail in an Omaha Park, is a 6 mile course available to mountain bikers during normal park hours. Admission is free. The park is open year round. Tranquility Park BaseballLittle League Baseball at Tranquility Park Tranquility Park PlaygroundPlayground at Tranquility Park Tranquility Park BallfieldBallfields at Tranquility Park

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Tranquility Park
12222 West Maple Road
Omaha, NE
United States
41° 17' 32.5824" N, 96° 6' 12.1824" W


Woody Wood (not verified) says:

October 23, 2011 : 12 years 39 weeks ago

Woody Wood's picture

Several times a week for the past 2 years, I have been walking my dogs around the wetland area located on the north side of the Tranquility Baseball field/Kelley Complex area. This area was part of a Green Space Restoration Project in 2003. Even though there is a sign in the parking lot stating “no motorized vehicles”, ATV’s can be heard and seen regularly in the wetland reserve area. Someone has removed the “no motorized vehicles” sign from the back side of the reserve area where an entrance through the field has been mowed down to allow access from 126th and Laurel street. The normal width of the bike trail has been expanded to allow at the width of 1-2 vehicles all the way around the reserve. Any posts restricting the entrance of larger vehicles on the Laurel street side have been removed. It appears to have been converted into an ATV racetrack, which by the way, due to its size can easily be viewed by a satelite photo of the area. Isn’t this area protected from this type of destruction and activity? And what purpose does it serve to create a green space for wildlife if it allowed to be used as a racetrack by the neighbors? Two years ago I would see deer, a large variety birds, and even a fox once. I haven’t seen any wildlife in months. But have seen potbellied middle aged guys tearing around where the deer used to be…please help to preserve this area or at least let me know if there is something that a citizen can do in that vain. Thank you.

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