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The Half Hearts, prairies/valleys, Mike Harvat, and Jettison Never at The Sydney

Free concert with an eclectic mix of local and touring bands
prairies/valleys at The Sydney
Published on April 9, 2010

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The Sydney played host to a free concert on Thursday, April 8th, with local bands and touring acts fighting it out for…for…well they weren’t really fighting, everyone was nice…but…

The evening kicked off with The Half Hearts, a quartet from Minneapolis, MN. Would they forgive us if we said they had a little of the languid anger and crescendoing discontent of The Decemberists in them? I’m sure they would. 

Next up, Omaha’s prairies/valleys, the live vehicle of guitarist David Shreffler. Mr. Shreffler combines the silvery pipes of David Gray with the razor-averse good looks of David Arquette for the rarely seen David Trifecta—possible band name?—and managed to rope in a few friends to make his studio magic come to life. When you know people that can pick up an accordian, bongos, and a glockenspiel with only a week’s notice, you must be doing something right.

Mike Harvat of local favorites Flight Metaphor took the stage third, doling out a healthy portion of singer/songwriter goodness. Any time you get a big dude singing sensitive tunes, you know the ladies are bound to weep (much apologies for the sound quality in his video, that’s the last time we mount a camera on a pool table!).

Chattanooga, TN’s Jettison Never finished out the night, blowing the doors off of the unfortunately Omaha’d Sydney (Omaha’d: the curious Omaha phenomenon of locals showing up to support their friends and leaving before the headline touring act, leading to empty-roomed encores). Jettison Never may have borrowed their falsetto from Coheed and Cambria, and their totally sweet Orange amp stack from the past, but their sound, compelte with a whole slew of pedals, is straight from the future, baby! Rawk! 

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