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Barbeque Flavored Comedy

Mojo's Jokehouse starts this Thursday.
Barbeque Flavored Comedy
Published on August 23, 2011

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Comedy open mics can be a hard pill to swallow. I personally have been to open mics that could of been mistaken for secret comedy clubs in the most unlikely of hole in the wall bars. Although, the inverse is also true, where a less than skilled comedian tells "shock jokes" to a room peppered with uninterested patrons who came just to drink. Most open mics fall somewhere in between, but are often looked at by comedians as a necessary part of being a stand up comic. They are used to premiering new material or working on jokes that are lacking in one way or another.

Nick Allen, long time comic and founder of Omaha’s newest open mic, “Mojo’s Jokehouse” at Mojo’s Smokehouse every Thursday, says this open mic is going to be different than others around town. “For starters, this open mic will smell like barbecue.  Most others smell like stale booze and desperation.  This one will smell like those things too but with a strong, smoky barbecue smell overpowering everything else.”  Not only will the scent separate Mojo’s Jokehouse from other open mics, but the last Thursday of each month will showcase some of the best comedians from the weeks prior and around Omaha.

Nick believes that these reoccurring shows will be successful because the ownership of Mojo’s was integral in founding and sustaining Nebraska’s longest running open mic, Duffy’s Comedy Workshop in Lincoln. He says, “I think with Reg’s support, this can’t go wrong.  There’s going to be ups and downs but he’s been through it before and knows how to make something like this work and how to make it last.”

The first show at Mojo’s is this Thursday, August 25th, and since it is the last Thursday of the month the lineup is set with some of the mainstays in Nebraska comedy.  Austin Anderson, Kevin Grace, Heather Jones, and others are slated to perform. The following week the open mic format will begin, where all comers are welcome.  If you have never been to an open mic Nick warns, “You never know what to expect at an open mic.  Some of it will be hilarious and other parts will be excruciatingly painful. One thing about an open mic though, if you don’t like what you’re seeing onstage, you can get on the list and do the kind of comedy you would want to see.  Also expect drunk people.”

All shows are free, and start at 10:00pm every Thursday. This is a comedy open mic and all comedians are welcomed to perform just get there early to sign up.  Mojo’s Jokehouse is located in Aksarben Village at 2110 S 67th St Ste 108. It smells like barbecue.

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ZJPetersonZach is a stand-up comedian and a founding member of OK Party Comedy. He lives in Benson with his wife, his dog, and a poor excuse for a cat.

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