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Spice Up Your Kitchen with Invisible Apron!

Romantic Invisible Aprons
Published on February 2, 2010 : 1 comment

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Valentine’s Day is approaching, so I thought I’d share a great gift idea for those of you with a special cook in your life. (Or if you are the cook, you could get one for yourself as a gift to your significant other–if you know what I mean…wink!)

Okay, so this gift isn’t exactly food, but it does have everything to do with cooking, and it’s made right here in Omaha…

A few months ago, I received a very interesting gift from a friend of mine. It arrived in a clear plastic tube, delicately wrapped with ribbon. I had no idea what on earth it was, so I prepared myself quickly for the “better-seem-to-sincerely-love-it” reaction that I was surely going to have to fake over this twirling baton…or set of blue prints…or whatever it would turn out to be!

Luckily, as I turned the tube around, I noticed a label that said, Invisible Apron, and offered a description of the product, as well as a picture!

Whew! Crisis averted!

I really wasn’t sure what the “invisible-ness” was all about, but I was super excited to finally own an apron – and a cute one at that! (For months, I’d been blabbering on about how I could really use an apron, but I just couldn’t find one anywhere that I actually liked enough to purchase.)

Top 3 Reasons I Love My Invisible Apron

Well, sometimes things happen for a reason. As I read the enclosed brochure, I discovered that this particular apron was exceptionally functional because it’s made of clear vinyl. That’s right, vinyl! (Thus, the “invisible-ness.”)

As you may very well realize about me by now, I tend to do a wee bit of cooking. Which brings me to the first thing I love about my new apron…

Use in the Garden!Use in the Garden!

  1. It’s Impermeable to Liquids.
    Whenever I do the dishes (which is pretty much 24/7!), I inevitably lean on the counter in front of my sink and get my clothing wet from the water that I have splashed out of the basin. Because Invisible Aprons are made of vinyl, water can’t soak through them like it does with fabric aprons. Yeeeesss! No more having to change my clothes a gazillion times per day (don’t laugh…I’ve actually counted!) just because I dirtied some dishes. Score! 

  2. It’s Easy to Clean.
    This apron wipes clean quickly with just a damp or sudsy cloth. This is important to me because I cook every day (often times all day long), and I don’t have time to wait 2 hours while my apron is laundered just because I can’t seem to “simmer” enchilada sauce without…errr…shall we say, accessorizing with it!
  3. It’s Invisible!
    This is great if you are entertaining and don’t happen to have a cocktail dress that matches that old hand-me-down, flowery get up that your granny passed down to you! Of course, admittedly, I own exactly zero high-fashion outfits worth showing off through an invisible apron; and I entertain approximately…never! But you have to admit that, regardless, there’s just something cool (and potentially romantic, of course!) about a transparent article of clothing! So, I’m in!

The Invisible Apron Story

As if the apron isn’t cool enough on its own, it was invented by a fashion designer right here in Omaha! And the aprons are made here, too!

Fashion Design by Mary Anne VaccaroFashion Design by Mary Anne VaccaroOmaha native Mary Anne Vaccaro has been a fashion designer for more than 30 years. She creates couture women’s clothing, men’s wear, children’s wear and bridal wear, too. Naturally, she enjoys wearing designer clothing, as well, which is how her idea for this apron evolved.

A few years ago, Mary Anne was hosting a dinner party. As her guests started to arrive, she realized that the hostess apron she was donning to protect her designer outfit was pretty much defeating the purpose of wearing those designer pieces! For starters, the apron didn’t match what she was wearing. Throw in that it was already wrinkled and dirty…and, well, suffice to say that her outfit was not likely to be the envy of anyone’s eye.

After the party, Mary Anne went right to work on solving the problem. The result: an Invisible Apron made of crystal-clear vinyl that protects what you’re wearing underneath it…without clashing with it or covering it up!


Of course, as Mary Anne suggests, this apron is also useful for so much more! It’s great for cleaning, grilling, pet grooming, arts and crafts, etc. And the aprons are even available in children’s styles and sizes!

Gimme One, Gimme One!

Mary Anne VaccaroMary Anne VaccaroReady to get one of your own?

With standard adult aprons priced at just $39.95, what’s not to love?!

Click here to visit the Invisible Apron website where you’ll find a complete list of styles and prices.

The aprons are also available at the handful of Omaha retailers listed below, but not all varieties are sold at stores, so order through the website for maximum selection!

  • Periwinkles - Village Pointe Shopping Center, 168th & Dodge
  • The Afternoon - Westroads Mall, 10000 California Street
  • The Bookworm - Countryside Village, 87th & Pacific
  • The Gadgeteer - 7317 Douglas Street
  • The Linen Gallery - 120 Regency Pkwy. Ste. 165

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Great for Grilling!Great for Grilling!

Swarovski crystals add elegance when entertaining!Swarovski crystals add elegance when entertaining!

A Little Romance!A Little Romance!

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