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Free Animal Nutrition Seminar

Identifying best quality foods for your dog or cat
Sunday, January 9, 2011 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
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Shawna Winn
(402) 680-6548

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Nature Dog
13366 W Maple Road
Omaha, NE 68164
Price: It's Free (sweet!)
Organizer: Nature Dog
Learn how to evaluate the ingredients in any dog or cat food
  1. What ingredients should I look for
  2. Which ingredients are controversial
  3. What ingredients should I AVOID
  4. How much is too much protein


doggiemom says:

January 5, 2011 : 13 years 20 weeks ago

doggiemom's picture

See my article right here on - posted last April (titled “Furry Friends Need (Good) Nutrtion, Too!)… This seminar will expound on the information presented in that article. And identify other areas of concern/interest regarding dog and cat nutrition. Feel free to bring the food your feed or the ingredient list. Material will be given to each attendee with documentation for reviewing and further research..

morgan says:

January 5, 2011 : 13 years 20 weeks ago

morgan's picture
Shawna’s article is located here:

It’s a great article and must read for pet owners.

doggiemom says:

January 5, 2011 : 13 years 20 weeks ago

doggiemom's picture

Morgan — Thanks so much for providing the link and for your great review :)

For any planning on attending, it would be helpful (but not mandatory) if you could contact Melissa or any of the staff at Nature Dog 697-7156 or myself at 680-6548 (text or phone). A rough head count will allow me to bring enough material to send home with each attendee without having to needlessly kill a tree printing more then actually needed ;) If your circumstances change and you are not able to make it — no big deal. Much of the material can be saved and reused in furture seminars.

If the weather is frightful, please call Nature Dog before coming as we may have to reschedule?.

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