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The Community Channel on OmahaTV

A walking tour of Omaha’s Old Market including interviews with residents and businesses.

This channel is all about what’s going on in Omaha. From interviews with prominent community members, to the special events that make this city great (both large and small), turn here when you want to see more about what’s going on in our city. Something you’d like to see covered? Contact us here.

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September 11th a Time for Action as well as Reflection September 11th a Time for Action as well as Reflection
Beth Katz of Project Interfaith reflects on the 10th anniversary of September 11th and makes a call for action - that we all must challenge ourselves to pursue greater religious tolerance and respect at the community level.
participants in Omaha's Cultivating Community Leaders program What the Future Community Leaders of Omaha Are Doing This Summer
Jessica Clem tells us about a dedicated group of teenagers who have been volunteering this summer to compile data on housing conditions in South Omaha.
Serving Omaha Seven Days at a Time Serving Omaha Seven Days at a Time
Our Omaha Serves correspondent reports on the UNO spring break event that you might not have heard about: 1,500 college students fulfilling Seven Days of Service in metropolitan Omaha.
Nebraska: Definitely a Happy State...Unless... Nebraska: Definitely a Happy State...Unless...
Vicky DeCoster parses the results of a recent Gallup survey that ranks Nebraska as the state with the tenth-highest overall well-being. Being No. 10, she points out, is not without its challenges.
JFK calling for national service from all Americans Why We Volunteer in Omaha
Jessica Clem, an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer in Omaha, writes about her deep desire to give back to the community, and how she and her peers are helping organizations such as Omaha Serves, the Neighborhood Center, and Lemonade Day.
Omaha 1, Snow 0 Omaha 1, Snow 0
Before complaining about the state of roads during the snowy season, Omahans should consider the hard work that goes into keeping one tiny strip of thoroughfare clean for driving conditions.
Patriotic mural in Freemont, Nebraska Arizona Violence – the Untold Story
State and local immigration laws have a way of fueling hatred and division in many US communities. As Nebraska considers whether to import Arizona's controversial “papers please” immigration law, do we really want to import Arizona style hatred as...
2011 Nebraska Meadowlark License Plate New NE License Plates Turn Sexy Drivers Into Dorks
The new Nebraska license plates feature the state bird and the state flower, but why can't they be sexy, too? If you're the kind of driver that does more than kick the tires (think: color-matched driving gloves) read Vicky's lament of the...
A Broken Window, A Christmas Miracle A Broken Window, A Christmas Miracle
Christmas is a time for giving, not taking. Two budding car thieves learn this lesson the hard way, giving the Omaha police a chance to shine in the process while providing a reminder of the Christmas miracles that make this such a special time of year.
Abe Lincoln Memorial at the Nebraska Capitol Building Nebraska Compact Avoids Arizona-Style Immigration Law
The media furor surrounding the Fremont immigration law has died down, but the battle between legislators and interest groups is not over. Somos Republicans drafted the Nebraska Compact, pledging an alternative to what it sees as racial profiling laws.

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