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Studio [101]

Art studio & guild & other creative collaborative activity!
Neighborhood: Downtown Omaha
Business Type: Galleries | Dealers

If you don’t know much about Studio [101] let me tell you in the shortest way possible. We are a collaboration of artists. We choose themed projects like “Death” and then we call it something like “Project [d]eath”. Artists have a two month challenge to prepare their works in conjunction with the theme. That’s the simple basis of what we do but there is much more to the community than those few words could describe.
It’s more than the project; it’s more than the art— It’s the people you meet, the conversations with people you never thought you would have, the food that corresponds with the themed show, the homebrewed wines, the atmosphere and underground feel to the actual studio. More importantly we try to create a unique atmosphere for people who like to attend art events. We strive to make each show special and stand out from anything people have experienced before.


6th street between Pierce & William
1324 S. 6th Street
Omaha, NE 68108

(402) 960-8799

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