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Pecha Kucha #8 at Barley's Tip Top

20 slides x 20 seconds
Speaker at Pecha Kucha Omaha
Published on April 17, 2010

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The format is deceptively simple: 20 slides x 20 seconds. Pecha Kucha (pronounced pe-chak-cha) is a night of rapid fire six minute 40 second presentations. No questions, no extra time…one beer break.

Started in Tokyo in 2003, Pecha Kucha Nights have spread to 299 cities around the world. Hosted by daOMA (Design Alliance OMAha) and Barley’s Tip Top, Pecha Kucha #8 was themed around "academic talent," bringing together students and educators in the fields of architecture, digital media, graphic design, photography, illustration and art.

Enjoy the video, which offers up a brief sampling of the ideas presented at Pecha Kucha #8.

Presentations by:

Laura Brodersen
Ashley Byars
Ryan Henrickson
Jay Weingarten
Jacob Slobotnick
Michele Fuller
Chad Olsen
Kelly Hiskey
Abe Jackson
Sam Wilken
Amber Gustafson
Joe Addison
UNL Digital Fabrication
Whitney Kamish
Jeremy Cerny

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