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Mastodon at Sokol Auditorium

Fan and band reactions from Mastodon's Sokol show
Mastodon at Sokol Auditorium
Published on May 26, 2010

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Ask a certain brand of metal fan who the best band in America is and they’ll very likely say Mastodon. Known for their progressive, sludge metal sound and technical proficiency (and the fact that their surly, facially tattoo’d guitarist/singer Brent Hinds almost died in a street fight after punching members of System of a Down and Achozen), Mastodon is a hard-charging, drug-taking, throwback of a band. Sorta perfect for the Sokol Auditorium, Omaha’s reigning throwback of a venue. contributor Kapree Walton (who happens to sing in a little screamo band of his own, Blessed are the Merciless) went to the show, interviewing giddy fans before and after. He also managed to actually talk to the band, posing the question "How was playing in Omaha tonight?" to all four members. Two claimed it was "awesome" and one said it was "rad." Sweet!

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