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Johnny Cupcakes and the Suitcase Tour

Johnny Cupcakes returns to Omaha's Nomad Lounge
Johnny Cupcakes and the Suitcase Tour
Published on May 27, 2010

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Say what you want about his brand, but designer Johnny Earle, aka Johnny Cupcakes, tends to elicit as much excitement from his story as he does from his clothing. Though he spoke in Omaha recently (a February 18th date at Creighton), Mr. Cupcakes returned for a more relaxed engagement April 28th at Nomad Lounge as part of his Suitcase Tour.

Belying the metalcore music roots of the brand, Johnny reveals himself to be a hard working, focused, and talented businessman, with a unique approach to growth. Without investors, start-up loans, or even much of plan, the Boston-bred businessman has grown his brand into the millions. It’s all about exclusivity, baby! Here’s our exclusive interview:

jordyAn writer since 2008, Jordy freely admits he's waiting for his golden parachute "anxiously." He microblogs @jordyclements + macroblogs

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