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Project Interfaith

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Neighborhood: Midtown Omaha

We’re a non-profit interfaith organization based in Omaha, Nebraska (no, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you — there are Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, and, of course, plenty of Christians in Omaha as well as people of many other faiths and beliefs). We’ve only been around since December 2005, but we’ve wasted no time developing creative programs, trainings and workshops that grow understanding, respect, and relationships among people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures.  Our aim with all this: to create a world where people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures are valued, included, and protected—won’t you join us?

Visit our website for more information on our programs and how you can be involved in our efforts to transform the way people of diverse beliefs and cultures learn about and interact with each other.


Project Interfaith grows understanding, respect and relationships among people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures.


Project Interfaith strives to create a community and world where people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures are valued, included and protected. As such, we seek to serve as a leader and resource on interfaith and religious & cultural diversity issues.

How We Do This

Project Interfaith moves forward our vision and mission by:

  • Offering original and inspiring community building programs that educate and engage audiences on issues of faith, religion, identity, belief, and culture;
  • Advancing and safeguarding the fundamental rights and freedoms which enable a person to freely chose to practice or not practice a religion or belief system;
  • Ensuring access to reliable information and resources on religious diversity; and
  • Promoting objective teaching and learning about religion and religious & cultural diversity in age-appropriate, academic ways in schools, workplaces, and communities


UNO Collaboration Center (49th & Farnam)
115 South 49th Avenue
Omaha, NE 68132

(402) 933-4647

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