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Platt Duetsche

Where Good Friends Meet
Neighborhood: Outside Omaha

The Platt Duetsche is a private social club originally organized by a group of Low Germans ("plattdeutsche") in 1884 to preserve the traditions of their motherland.

The Platt Duetsche hosts a number of annual events:  the annual children’s Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas and Halloween parties, the fast pitch softball league and tournament activity, River Dog baseball, golf league, the Running of the Wieners, the Thanksgiving Buffet, birthday celebrations, wedding receptions and anniversaries.


Platt Duetsche
1315 West Anna Street
Grand Island, NE 68803

(308) 382-0586


Anonymous (not verified) says:

November 26, 2010 : 13 years 25 weeks ago

Anonymous's picture

Can you let me know how much you would charge to rent your facility for a wedding reception? How many people will your facility hold and how much do you charge? Some picture would be nice too since we don’t live in Grand Island. Thank you.

Chris Welliver

Mervin Lemburg (not verified) says:

January 19, 2012 : 12 years 18 weeks ago

Mervin Lemburg's picture

Please send us the monthly News letter. Also could you please let us know what are Memorial number is so that we can send you some more money. Any questions please feel free to call us at 480-807-3398. Thank you for your help. Mrs Mervin Lemburg

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