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Jeff Spiehs

Jeff Spiehs


Interviewed by on March 9, 2010

Jeff Spiehs is the director of The Foundry, a coffee shop and community center in Benson. Originally from Kearney, NE, he moved to Omaha in 1999 to attend UNO and has lived here ever since.

You’ll hear Jeff say in the interview below that he’s “invested” in the neighborhood. He doesn’t mean that he’s trying to be the Buffett of Benson. Jeff cares deeply about the community, and whether it’s running the Foundry Community non-profit, patronizing his favorite Benson spots, or spearheading the found in benson zine to inject a little creativity into his stretch of the Maple Street strip, Jeff is invested in making Benson a better place to live.

His feet are “dug in” as he says, and most days they are dug in at The Foundry. Go say hi.      

Jeff mentions: University of Nebraska at Omaha, Tijuana Taqueria, Pete Festersen (City Council)


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