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If you love to visit new different places and to jump from place to place, then you are on the right page! Today we want to offer you some more info about one of the most popular American cities: Omaha, Nebraska.

This wonderful place is located in Nebraska on the Missouri River. Today Omaha is considered one of the most fascinating and upcoming places of the world for the life style and the entertainments that it offers. In the history of this city there is the birth of numerous important sport figures of all times, such as Bob Boozer (gold medalist and NBA star), Bob Gibson (baseball Hal of Framer), Gregg Olson (American League).

Sports have actually a long history in Omaha, which in 2008 has offered its stadium to the Olympic Swimming Team Trials and it’s now working on the building of a new stadium. Other features in Omaha are the University of Nebraska which contributes to give the USA the most well trained engineers, doctors and researchers.

As to the life style in Omaha, anyone can easily notice that this city is really vibrant and thriving in the Midwest area of the USA. Omaha has grown to be truly metropolitan along the past century, with skyscrapers that define the horizon line. Its downtowns have been revitalized and it now attracts tourists from all over the world.

One of the major attraction is the famous Henry Doorly Zoo and for those who love going shopping there is the Gene Leahly Mall. And this is not the only one place where one can go shopping - Omaha offers any different shopping opportunities: modern shop centers and antique shops.

Omaha also means art and entertainment: the word that best describe the Omaha way of life is probably the adjective “large”, because everything here is thought in terms of big sizes. Artist from all countries of the world compete for a place at the Bemis Center of Contemporary Arts which offers artist residencies and public art commissions.

Theaters also have their own place and role in Omaha, like the Omaha Community Playhouse which gathers a huge number of actors from across the nation.

Just across the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa visitors can have fun in casinos and other gambling venues.

As you can see there are options for everyone in Omaha - some come and visit!

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A Place in Omaha

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